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- Oil painting is time consuming, smelly and complicated
- You can only really get good at it if you lived in Italy during the Renaissance
- You're only really allowed to paint portraits



There are a lot of misconceptions about oil painting. It takes on the stereotype as a medium of centuries gone by, used only by men who wanted to make a profound mark upon the known artistic world. But the principal reason the old Masters painted in oils and not acrylic was because acrylics weren't invented: oils was about the only thing artists could get their hands on.

Anyway, brief history lesson over, together with long drying times and that unmistakable heady odour, oil paints tend not to be the first port of call for those wanting to start painting.

This is a real shame because it needn't be that way.

Oil painting can be quick, easy, and fun. Just as acrylic paints were invented, the same goes for water-soluble oils, odourless oils, and the wet-in-wet technique.

Working wet-in-wet is popular with beginners and advanced oil painters alike. It enables you to get the results you want from oil painting without having to go to art school beforehand.

Marion Dutton has done a number of demonstrations with us working wet-in-wet with her oils. Not only does she show you that it really is easy to do, but that you're not confined to painting portraits...

You can watch one of Marion's demonstrations here: it's packed full of great tips for painting in oils, but also for painting a really atmospheric still life.

Marion begins on a dark background and shows you how to build up your painting in layers so you get that right amount of mood and mystery whilst still staying true to your subject.

For anyone wanting to be proved wrong about oil painting - this video is for you!

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