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One thing I love to do, when I have the time, is to paint, in my case it's mostly landscapes.  Painting landscapes fits so well with my interest in creation and my photography, God's creation is so awesome and wonderful that I cannot stop celebrating it.  However I believe that anything we create is a reflection of our creator.  My wife and I are very much into crafts and we have a room specially for the purpose, my wife loves to produce Afghan Crochet and runs several groups.  On line she hosts a large group and has formed a group at our church where people share their skills, sh also makes cards and creates Cross Stitch pieces that are awesome.  I love to make marine models and do graphic design work and will turn my hand to almost any sort of craft.

So, if you like being creative in any way, join us, teach us and learn from us, most of all HAVE FUN.

It would be great if we could share our work and possibly share our skills and gifts also, with hints and tips to help us produce better pieces. 


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  • WElcome to the Christian Artists & Crafters Group, Hannah, I hope you will enjoy the group and feel at home here. As you can see from the menu at the top of the group's pages we cover a wide range of arts and crafts, and we can always add more.
  • Hi there! Just joined. I love to do digital portraits and I've also dabbled in watercolor paintings. I'm excited to learn little tips and tricks and hopefully share some of my own!
  • I just joined this group. I am a chocolate sculptor. I have sculpted chocolates for the World Cup, US Pro Open Tennis Championships, Opening Day at Fenway Park in Boston (for the Boston Red Sox), Belcourt Castle in Newport Rhode Island and many other venues. I would be happy to share my skills with you so you to can create anything from a small design to a large creation!
    • I'm afraid I would have a hard time not just eating the scraps as I carved away, always ending up with too small a piece! Then, having to try over again!
    • How are you with turkeys Rolf? LOL
    • I do pretty good carvin' up the old Tom! Do it every Thanksgiving. Even did a goose one year.
    • What a wonderful job, personally I would not attempt that job, I would never finish anything. It would be nice to see some of your sculptures Terri. Yum, yum.
  • Welcome to the Christian Artists & Crafters group Ann, I hope you will enjoy the group and contribute to it. Please feel free to share whatever you feel like sharing and comment on anything in the group, make suggestions positive or negative. Just have fun.
    • Thank you...I enjoy doing many different things. Bible journaling, cross stitching, stippling (making pictures with dots), water color etc. I’m excited to learn more about this community. I’m new to so I’m still learning. Is it possible to share pictures of things being worked on? Thanks
    • I also like doing many things, though at the moment I am a little restricted (health wise). Most all of the group's areas above include a facility for uploading both photos and video from You Tube, Vimeo etc, that have embedded codes. At the top of the Home Page, you will find a 'Beginners Guide' to the site, which is fairly inclusive, that guide gives detailed instructions on how to do many tings in CLM, just click on it and down-load it as a PDF. In the mean time, if you wish to upload a picture, just click on the photo icon (not the one with the film cell) and click on [Browse], you then find the picture you wish to share, click on it, wait for the image to upload and then select. [Left], [Centre], [Right] or [Full], and your image should appear somewhere close to the cursor position when you started.
      My wife used to be into cross stitch, but now is more into Tunisian Croquet and runs a large group on Facebook. I used to be mainly into photography, but I don't get out much these days, so have reverted to painting, primarily oils, but indoors it's better to stick to watercolour.
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