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The group was created so that people could feel welcome to share books that have been an inspiration to them. There are many books out there that we could learn from and There is such a wide variety of books to learn from. there are biography, history, inspirational and relationship books and much, much more. Have you read a good book lately? Been inspired by a good study of the Word? Let's be inspired and learn together so that we can learn more in our Christian walk following Jesus Christ.


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  • This helped me in understanding my son that left home better. What separates Victors and Victims? It’s mentality. Join me this week as I discuss Victors and Victims by K. R. Harrison. New video added.
  • I don't claim to be a perfect parent by any means. I felt that if I did better than my abusive mom and better than my dad who abandoned me at the age of 5, I was doing pretty good. I never dreamed that my 18 year-old son would choose his girlfriend over his family because the two of them refused to follow our rules of not sleeping together in the same room. I feel that God won't bless their rebellious spirits and living in his car will hopefully grow old. But what hurts even more is my in-laws refusing to hear our side of the story and helping these defiant kids who left both of their homes because they refused to be held accountable by their parents. God I beg of You, please end this selfishness and return these two kids to their loving homes. To help me in this difficult time, is Kay Arthur's book, Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen? I am learning a lot of things about what God does with those that refuse to follow Him, and it scares me, as my son was raised in a Christian home and instead of using his biblical knowledge to better himself, he is using it to manipulate others to get his way. I never dreamed any of my kids would distort what they were taught for personal gain. Please lift my son Joshua in prayer.
  • Are you a people pleaser? If so, what kind are you? How destructive is people pleasing? Find out this week when I share Women Who Try Too Hard by Kevin Leman. New video added.
  • Do you have trouble with difficult people in your life? Learn about getting along with people and the necessary skills needed to make your relationships easier to deal with. Learn about H. Norman Wright's book How to get Along with Almost Anyone. New video added.
  • I had just read about a week ago that, in efforts to bring Christianity further under government control, authorities in China have erased the words "Bible", "God" and "Christ" from classic books, including Robinson Crusoe.

    In Daniel Defoe's novel, castaway Robinson Crusoe discovers three Bibles inside a shipwreck, which he then uses as his moral compass while stranded on the island. However, the Chinese version eliminates the word "Bible," instead noting that Crusoe happened upon "a few books."

    I suppose this should come as no surprise since the Chinese government is planning to re-write and re-interpret the Bible to be more about socialism than about salvation. One way of life keeps you under complete control ... the other sets you completely free.
  • Just released a new video on here about the books Building Your Mate's Self-Esteem by Dennis Rainey and How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong by Leslie Vernick. Both are excellent resources for all married couples.
  • Do you know what it means to be a strong woman with a soft heart? I will be discussing what it means to be a woman and guarding our hearts against things that could harden them forever. Just added a new video.
  • Happy Tuesday everyone! I have just started reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. It has been strongly recommended by a few long time close Christian friends of mine for a while now. As I had mentioned, I only started to read it today. I just picked up a copy on the weekend. I was wondering if anyone has read it and has an opinion with regards to the book and/or author.
    • I have not read it. Please keep us posted with your thoughts on the book.
  • Are you satisfied with your actual life? This week we look at a nine-month transformation into accepting every aspect of your life so that you can actually love your life. New video in the video section added.
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