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For Christian Introverts to gather for support, friendship and share our common goal to maintain a relationship with Jesus. We can discuss challenges of being introverted while being in an extroverted world, the importance of solitude and other topics.

GROUP LEADER: Linda Favorite

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  • F.A.I.T.H- Forwarding All Issues To Heaven. A good thing to remember when facing challenges of being introverted.
    • Love this, maybe I will adapt my 'FORWARD TO' settings on my e-Mail, I wonder if God gets e-Mails?
  • JOKE; You know you're an introvert if you don't want to talk to your computer.
    • You know you have an inferiority complex when your computer refuses to speak to you.
    • LOL
    • Could add: and if you don't want your computer talking to you especially if it's going to remind you to do something you don't want to do. No, I don't want to mow the lawn this Sunday mainly because it's raining really hard.
    • BTW I couldn't mow the lawn anyway but that is what was programmed in the computer. All the more reason I wouldn't want it to remind me to do something I couldn't do.
    • You mean you haven't got voice interface yet? LOL
    • Backstory here: Had an update on Windows 10 recently. Tried to set up Windows Hello w/ Cortana, the virtual assistant built in. I wasn't too thrilled with being reminded to mow my lawn every Sunday so I canceled out of that sign in option. Now if I could get it to say, 'Have you had your coffee yet?' that would be better.
    • LOL. Try Google assistant, I have it and it seems quite good for finding web-sites, I had it on my cell-phone but it stopped working a couple of times and caused problems. My last laptop was great, for voice com, used to take dictation with minimum mistakes, but never attempt it with the TV or Radio on LOL. I did try it for typing a transcript of a Christian current affairs program, a discussion about creation and evolution, it managed half and then failed. A friend we have has one of these Amazon personal assistants 'Echo' I think it's called, he lives alone and has conversations with it, thinks it's great.
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