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Join this group if you want to listen or share inspiring Christian music with others!  I want this group to be a place where everyone can listen to Christian music and relax in the arms of Jesus. 

Somewhere where members can discuss and recommend their favorite album or track in the FORUM section, and to be able to post tracks that mean something to them in the FAVORITE TRACKS section.

Above all - enjoy.

This group needs a group leader. Message Pastor Rolf if interested.

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  • Finally! After so long mouthing off about this supposed book, here it is. Please purchase it as an ebook on Amazon. The paperback is coming soon. I promise.

    If you are a worshipping Christian then you will know what i am trying to get at?

    From a small Methodist church in Brighouse, at 4 years old, West Yorkshire where the Smith family ‘Was’ mostly the congregation, to internationally known New Testament Church of God Inc, Earlybird tells Practical Pentecostal Praise & Worship, as it is, and how it really should be happening with sincere honesty (Sometimes too honest) and frankness (Sometimes too frank for his own good) within the corporate worshipping church-any church, for that matter-which is what you would expect in the first place, if you knew him in person. This book is to be carefully used as an insightful tool for learning, edification and educating, hopefully by every Christian believer who worships the Lord privately and corporately on this planet. Earle wrote PPP&W because he cares about church music, corporate worship, praise and worship and where it is heading too much to ignore or sweep under the carpet if God and the Holy Spirit are not involved from start to finish. Earlybird is a former Sunday school superintendent and bible college student, and prolific guitarist and bass guitar player. (Sometimish drummer and 1 finger keyboard player). He is also a qualified music tutor that allows him to teach music in public and private sector organisations and Further Education and Adult and Community Education. He is a part of the worship band (Vessels of honour) for Cathedral of Praise, Wood Green, New Testament Church of God, London, and is committed to God, music and practical Pentecostal praise and worship. Apart from working in the catering industry as a chef-de-partie, Earlybird continues to presently exercise PPP&W because he refuses to do anything else. He is also not happy the way Game of Thrones ended, still wonders if Tony Soprano is still alive and are those really 'Fairies' at the bottom of his garden?
  • Everyone, please check out my cover of "Known" on YouTube. It's listed under my name. Its everything ive wanted to say to God, and one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Id love if you'd like and subscribe.
  • This is the song that gets me through the tough times.
  • I love a lot of Christian music out there. But when I want my soul satisfied, TobyMac is the one I turn to. He speaks to me and fills my spiritual love tank back up. I love all the other artists mentioned as well, but he's the one that really speaks to me. Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • I'm blessed by Chris Tomlin gospel music.
    • Yes indeed, Chris is one of my favourite Christian musicians, used to play a lot of his songs for worship. Welcome to the group Disy, I hope you enjoy being a member. Remember you can post any of your favorite tracks from You Tube in video form and 'embed' them, or you can use the new MUSIC area (from the tab at the top of the page) where you can post mp3's directly, you can even build a Play List there.
  • I enjoy music by Hillsong Worship lately! the song Cornerstone is good ! many other good songs!
    • Hillsong are not what they seem Dolan. We used to like Hillsong, and they do produce some wonderful songs, but unfortunately these are just a front. They have got a lot of very bad press, not just in the secular media but in the Christian media as well, just do some searches on the internet. Try looking at this Christian site, they are a cornerstone of the Prosperity Gospel []. There are many reports of people being expelled from the church if they don't respond to healing ministry, they don't like poor people being members, and you get thrown out if you don't give enough. Just research it, search "Issues with Hillsong"
    • i have to say that i really love Hillsong Music,they are very inspirational,are u sure these are just not rumours to ruin the church's image
    • I too loved Hillsong songs and we used to play many of them regularly in services and celebrations. One day another worship leader asked me if I knew about them, I didn't. I went away and did some research, of course Hillsong have flooded the internet with their own sites, but I found some very interesting information, much of it from Australian newspaper reports, but there were comments from other Christian sources as well as some court records that I found with some difficulty. They found that Hillsong church do not like people who are not healed and are asked to leave if they do not respond, or, claim to have been healed, healed or not. I can't remember the details now but it seems that they always employ song writers to 'ghost-write' songs for Darlene who puts her name to them. I also found some scandal about the father of one of the leaders who was allegedly had some pedophilia convictions, but had still been allowed access to the church, where there were children. I was convinced at the time that there was something very wrong there. I do not like deception in Christian circles, I can forgive someone being changed, but not deception.
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