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Learning to be the women God created us to be. This is a group FOR WOMEN ONLY. We are a sisterhood, and are to pray for, uplift, encourage each other.  Welcome, and we look forward to growing as Daughters of the King.


This Group needs a new Leader . Please message  Pastor Rolf with any questions or problems.

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  • This group, Daughters of the King, needs a new group leader. Sister Terri resigned and the position is open for any woman who's interested, just send Pastor Rolf a message.
  • Can you believe that we are all this way through February???!!! I sure am looking forward to seeing GREEN though it may still be 3 months away. How is everyone doing? My crew and I are busy transforming our school room (homeschooling for 25 plus years) into a library/guest room. PHEW!!!!!!
  • A New Year ladies! How is everyone doing? Are you a goal setter? What is the Lord doing in your life these days?
    • I know that this year some of my goals are to get my body stronger through exercise, weight lifting, stretching, yoga and meditation. I am also getting together with other artists to learn new crafts for recreation and blow off stress in a fun way! It is so nice to get those hands creating new things! Last week I learned the craft of glass etching. It was great fun. I also took a yoga class two days ago for the first time in years--oh, my aching bones! But it was fun and refreshing.
    • Love your thoughts and intentions Terri. What a neat way to get next to others too! I love setting goals with the Lord and watching Him work. I want to find ways here to get next to others. It's one of the downsides to living away from town.
  • Dear sisters in Christ. It is hard to believe that it is time to bring in a New Year! When I think ahead and pray for the new year the word "courage" keeps coming to mind. So often we think of the word courage to mean the absence of fear. But in reality it really means moving forward in faith despite how we feel knowing our God walks with us and before us preparing the ways for us. When I did my doctoral dissertation while in seminary I looked up the Greek root of the word courage. In Greek in translated "to mend, to heal, rebuild, rejuvenate, restore, to strengthen. This noun acts more like a verb and signifies transformation.

    As we walk in courage as the Lord directs us a transformation happens in our lives and in the lives of those around us. It means more than just getting through challenging circumstances. We change because of the mighty working of God's grace in our lives. I pray as you move into 2019 that the transformative power of our Lord would embrace you step by step and day by day. Please reach out and share your stories of courage and faith so that we may support and encourage each other. God's richest blessings to you today and throughout the coming year.
    • I seriously don't know how I missed this post Terri, even when I posted yesterday I did not see it. Anyway, COURAGE is a great word! I feel like a scared little girl as I consider what the Lord may have for me this year but I am so thankful that even in that I can walk in CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM (my two words for this year) as beloved daughter of the King. I had a meeting last night in an attempt to try and narrow down the thoughts I have been given for women's ministry in my church and it was exciting. So grateful for the encouragements along the journey!!!!
  • I would like to welcome all of the women of Christians Like Me to Daughters of the King Group. My name is Terri Etier and I will be assisting with this group as the group leader. For all of you who are members of this group I would love for you to reach out to me and let me know what you would like to get out of this fellowship of women. I would greatly value you ideas, thoughts and suggestions. I hope that DOK will be a warm and welcoming space for new women to CLM to come and get to know other members for support, encouragement and friendship as well as an avenue of connection and community for existing members

    Here is a little background about me. I am 60 and live in Natick, Massachusetts. I am involved in a wonderful Christian church near where I live. I have been a Christian since 1975. For 4 different years I lived in Spain while studying in school. What an adventure that was! After college I graduated from two different seminaries to prepare for the mission field. My goal was to get a Phd in anthropology and teach behind the iron curtain in the late 1980s by day and assist smuggling Bibles into the underground churches by night and on weekends. After my masters program my thyroid went haywire and I was unable to live oversees. God graciously opened up other avenues for meaningful ministry.

    Eighteen years I worked with persons with disabilities and for 10 years also gave health and wellness seminars as a bilingual health educator. The last 5 years I have care for my 96 year old Mother so that she would not have to go into a nursing home. I love animals, do chocolate sculpting and jewelry design for hobbies and also am a certified personal trainer. The greatest desire of my heart is to encourage and support others in their walk of faith and to reach out to others who need the saving message of Christ.

    Most sincerely in Christ, Terri
    • God's plans aren't always the same as ours but He's so good to work it all out for His glory. Chocolate sculpting sounds beautifully delicious!!!! I'd love to see some pictures. Being a personal trainer.... I have had one and was so thankful for his help. Is it physical training?
    • Yes Annette. I do physical as well as aquatic training. I put this all on hold for a while while caring for my elderly mother. God often has different plans for our lives than what we originally prepared for. Through it all what matters most is obedience to His will wherever it takes us. I am so grateful that the Lord led me to CLM!
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