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This group is for all of you who have a passion for Bible Prophecy.  The world is changing rapidly with each passing day.  You can see how the world is being set up for the coming Antichrist system.  Please feel  free to share todays news that lines up with end time prophecies.


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  • The person that leads this group should be a mature Christian who is focused on both Jesus and being fair on the issues relating to Echatology. I think it best that the person be a retired person with the time, energy, and desire to head such a group. I do not measure up because I am so busy doing many things and I can hardly handle the two groups I currently lead ("Jeremiah Ministries" and "apologetics"), which I have neglected somewhat. The leader of this group should be someone who understands that there are many differing views of the "Last Day" and/or "Endtimes". I do know a lady who was a member of CLM but she was so busy that she left. Her name is Eloise and I think I could convince her to come back here. She is about 71 and has been a Christian since the 60s or so. She and I have been friends for about 8 or so years now and she even purchased one of my paintings. I think she would be a wonderful person to lead this group but if someone else takes the position I hope he or she is someone who is kind and humble.
  • Gary Demar has some good videos about these issues..
  • What is required of a group leader? If no one else is willing to be this group leader, I would be interested in that, but I am very new to posting, blogging, etc so if you don't mind a beginner for a group leader, please let me know what you would expect from me and the time commitment needed to do it well. Once I hear back from you and the Holy Spirit gives me His Shalom to do it, I will gladly lead this group, otherwise the Holy Spirit will have someone else in mind to do that.
    • Sometimes someone starts a group here on CLM and then, for one reason or another leaves the site, leaving a group without a leader. The leader of the group welcomes new members and keeps the group up to date, posting relevant information and interesting posts within the remit of the group. If you are interested, then contact Pastor Rolf Anderson, using the private messaging facility (just click on the little black envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on his name somewhere he has posted, you can also go to Pastor Rolf's page and message from there).
  • I recently preached through / taught on End Times Prophecy --> -- it is sort ordered from Most Recent / Descending order. I hope this is blessing to others :-)
  • A friend of mine told me that GOD told him to kill me. I looked at him puzzled for a moment then he followed his statement up with , No seriously , " GOD told me to, wear a uniform and go out into all the world and kill". I do understand what HE was trying to convey to me, yet I know in my heart that through the BIBLE, more works of satan can be destroyed then all the worlds armies through out history combined. Sometimes men must fight, but if men proceed without seeking GODLY council, then war can quickly become a gum that we can't chew. (Proverbs 16:18) Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. There is no pride allowed to exalt itself over GOD and that includes American Pride. A little repentance would be a good start and could mean all the difference if we are drawn into another serious war, because GOD can destroy quicker than mankind can reproduce no matter what country has offended HIS Name. Lets seek GODS face and blessing , and drop the I'S and ME'S. Let the name of JESUS be exalted even over our own leadership and if that leadership boast let it be called out in the name of "The one and almighty GOD of ISRAEL" Otherwise we won't be able to fight our way out of a wet paper sack.
  • There are those who have done their duty for their country and served their time , and received their benefits for serving in the most dangerous places around the world. There are also those who have and still continue doing their duty for their Saviour JESUS CHRIST and receive very little compensation while serving unarmed in the most dangerous places around the world. Maybe, I look at Hero's different from everyone else, yet any man or woman who will go willingly into places that not even the most well armed soldiers would without serious caution to avoid danger, has to be the bravest of them all. In these last days, Missionaries truly personify the word Hero to its definitive meaning. They need our support as we approach that last surge to win souls ,before the LORDS return.
    Thank You, For serving for my LORD with faithfulness.
  • Hello to all members, I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts on the Bible prophecy here. Some of my views and thoughts are not traditional, however. I look forward to some interesting discussions.
  • This is an important topic because we must encourage one another as we see the day approaching! I just finished teaching the Book of Revelation, and it was great! The Holy Spirit really spoke to us in the Adult Sunday School class at New Foundation Church of God, Southport, NC!
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