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Grief, as a feeling or emotion, can take many forms. Most involve loss of one kind or another on a personal level such as losing a close relation or friend thru death or emotional breakup. A person also experiences grief when they lose other things that are close to them, such as when they quit smoking (they grieve the loss of cigarettes) or even after a car accident (they grieve the loss of a favored car). Grief comes into our lives in many ways and learning to recognize and appropriately deal with it allow us to become a more serene, satisfied child of God. (See: Isaiah 53:4)
In this group, we will work on learning how to recognize and deal with our own grief in different areas of life, and also learn to recognize grief in others and learn how to help them. Members input here in the group is very much welcome and the only requirement for membership is that you have a desire to learn to recognize, cope, and work thru grief that you may have or help others to do so.


GROUP LEADER The Group leader for this group is Annette McEndarfer.

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  • I am sorry that I have not been here of late, but I took pretty bad fall last Wednesday or Thursday (I can't remember which). I didn't break anything just decided I need a change of color so I tried out a darker blue smurf look. LOL I am no longer allowed to lift our great grandson for fear I might drop him. I am having problems with dizziness and there are times when I might say something off the wall. I will be fine though because the LORD has me under. hard to check in better than I have been his wing. I will try to check in more often and thank you all for the things you do for each other including me.
    • What are you like Terry, I don't know who is the worst between you and Dawn, who seems to fall on a regular basis. Her doctor says that it's caused by a deficiency of Vitamin 'D', it is built up in our bodies by being out in the sunshine, our bodies convert the sunlight to vitamin 'D', and only lasts in the body for up to six months. You can get an injection or infusion of the vitamin from your doctor, which Dawn does, but she for got it when it was due (through staying indoors with me through the summer as the chemotherapy made me photosensitive). I am saying this as a suggestion, you may want mention it to your MD, my sister.
    • Derek, Being gone I missed that you were doing chemotherapy. Mind if I ask what exactly you're dealing with? I'll be praying. When I had a horrible episode of vertigo years ago I went to see a naturopath and she prescribed vitamin D. I didn't realize you could get injections of it...I'll have to let a woman I met recently know about that. Thanks for mentioning that.
    • Thank you Annette. Last year, I knew that something was badly wrong, but Dawn had so much going on herself that I just ignored it. In September 2017 I was out back working on the decking and I caught my left leg on the wood work. A few weeks later a lump appeared in nearly the same place, so I thought it was a haematoma. By October it had doubled in size, but no soreness or pain, and by January it was the size of a golf-ball and starting to weep, at which point I showed Dawn. She was very, very, cross that I hadn't told her and a few days later it burst and I had a bleed-out, called the emergency paramedic, I lost about a pint of blood. The Hospital sent me to a hospital in Plymouth, 60 miles away, they diagnosed melanoma and they put me on the list for surgery, two weeks later I went back to Plymouth for the pre-op. The following day I had an appointment at our County Hospital for a biopsy, which showed it was Lymphoma and not a melanoma. The following week I get in to see the specialist, and thirty-six hours later I was in our county hospital having my first chemotherapy. I had no side affects at all at first, however as the course progressed (another five sessions every twenty-one days) I felt worse and worse. The chemotherapy finished at the end of June and by August, I could not get my breath and the fatigue was crippling. So now I have heart failure (AF) and I am waiting to see a cardiologist, the gut that did the cardiogram mentioned the chemotherapy was often cardio-toxic, so here I am, getting better slowly, very slowly. We have a new car, a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) that takes two electric chairs, so I have been able to get out over the last few weeks, God is so good, because He provided us with the car (that's another story) and when I compare how I am now to how I was in August or September I can see how much I have improved. But it's been such a life-changing event, but God has blessed us through out, and there is so much I could witness about and probably have since last year.
    • Derek, I'm glad you told me about Dawn's problem with vitamin D. The doctor just checked me late last month for a vitamin D level and it came back lacking. I am now on Vitamin D3's 1000 mg twice a day. You give me hope! I thank you so very very much my friend and also want you to know you and Dawn are constantly in my prayers. GOD Bless you both. :-)
    • Oh My! Going for the smurf look doesn't sound a fun venture! Praying right now for complete healing.
    • Thank you and Bless you Annette you are a wonderful friend to have sweet Lady.
  • Coming asking for prayer. My stepfather passed away just a couple of hours ago. My extended family for the most part do not know the Lord and are struggling pretty severely. Please pray that they would reach out to the TRUE source of Comfort and that my children and I will be light in the darkness for them.
    • My condolences as well my dear. I'm sending up prayers as I type. Please take care of yourself this is a stressful time of year anyway and you are going through it worse than some of the rest of us are. You are loved here and we want you to be careful and I'll be praying for you and yours. GOD Bless.
    • Annette my dear sister, please accept my condolences for the passing of your stepfather, you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. I pray that those of your family who do not yet know the Lord find Him through this loss, I ask you Jesus, that through your Spirit you use this loss to extend your hand and draw Annette's family to you, in love compassion and comfort. Amen.
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