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Grief, as a feeling or emotion, can take many forms. Most involve loss of one kind or another on a personal level such as losing a close relation or friend thru death or emotional breakup. A person also experiences grief when they lose other things that are close to them, such as when they quit smoking (they grieve the loss of cigarettes) or even after a car accident (they grieve the loss of a favored car). Grief comes into our lives in many ways and learning to recognize and appropriately deal with it allow us to become a more serene, satisfied child of God. (See: Isaiah 53:4)
In this group, we will work on learning how to recognize and deal with our own grief in different areas of life, and also learn to recognize grief in others and learn how to help them. Members input here in the group is very much welcome and the only requirement for membership is that you have a desire to learn to recognize, cope, and work thru grief that you may have or help others to do so.


GROUP LEADER The Group leader for this group is Annette McEndarfer.

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  • Today in the grief support group I've been going to the discussion was about memorializing. We talked about ways that has happened throughout history. Many examples in scripture. We then got to talking about how we memorialize our loved one. Do you have some ways that you do?
  • AVOID ISOLATION!!!! One thing I've noticed amongst those grieving is that there is a huge temptation to isolate oneself. While time alone can be a very healing thing it can also be where one keeps themselves and that's not a good thing. I believe the Lord created us for the longing to be part of community... not just for our own good but for the good of others. We need others in our lives. To help us grow, to heal, to believe, to serve, etc. If you are tempted to isolate yourself may I encourage you to look to become part of community. As believers, brothers and sisters in Christ would be a great start.
  • GRIEF ~ creating a strong support system is so important. What support systems do you have in your life?
    • I have a rather large support group from near and far and most of you belong on it too. It is thanks to the LORD who has done so much for me already (shedding his blood on the Cross at Calvary for me). I can't top that as the Headliner of my support group. Also, I have found that when you are really down deep in that pit of depression support can come from total strangers.
    • Terry, you are so right. A relationship with Christ is the best support there is in the journey of grief. We were talking about different supports last week at a grief support group meeting I went to with a friend. Things like faith came up right away and there were other things too. Things like music, routines, hobbies, friends, ministries, exercise and many more. Things that help to keep us standing in the midst of the heaviness and pain of grief.
    • This is something that concerns me greatly, both on a personal basis and in the church situation. We should have support networks ready set up at church, this often looks great but just fails when called on. In my mind a church support network should be so alert that it swings into action without being requested, but this requires a fellowship to be sensitive to the community, the pick up on the little signs. In this the church fails because it does not act as a community, meeting for ninety minutes on a Sunday, and no contact until the following Sunday. It sounds very negative, but how many people in our church 'don't want to know' or wish to get involved, keeping themselves to themselves?
      My personal concerns are obviously about Dawn, I think we both realise that the chances are that I will leave this life first. It is fortunate indeed that we live where we do, in a small village with a strong Christian ethos and community, and Dawn has got involved in several activities here, she is Treasurer of the local W.I., a part of the local choir, takes part in a Ukulele group and the small women's group in the church. Even though we don't attend (because we follow the Seventh Day Sabbath) they seem to accept this, just accepting that we are Christians, but this is not so in other area of the UK.
    • I agree with your picture of the church being ready to swing into action as needed. I am getting so very encouraged by what I"m hearing about churches recognizing the need to actually LIVE in community. We've been called for that by the One who created family. That's great that Dawn is involved in things. One of the perks usually associated with getting next to people in every day living is that when there is trouble they are there. Derek if I can be of any help from my experience as you consider the possibility of you leaving this life first as you think about Dawn, let me know. I'm very comfortable talking about it all.
    • Thanks Annette, sadly Dawn doesn't come to the site often, she has this huge FB group of almost seven thousand people themed on Tunisian Crochet. It seems to take up every spare minute, fair enough, she uses it as an outreach. Almost all of the members are active so it takes a lot of monitoring, setting up competitions, looking out for designer's copyright etc.
      If a church was truly a family, they would instinctively know when something was wrong, let alone being guided by the Spirit.
    • I was referring to ideas for you really. In preparation. I agree with you about the church truly behaving as a family but I don't know about where you are but here in the United States, the state of the family would indicate that needs are being met there in a majority of cases either. It's very sad.
  • Annette, I know without a doubt that you are better qualified than I to lead any group and I thank you for stepping in and taking over in my stead. It eases my mind and heart greatly that the groups will be in such great hands. GOD Bless you my Sister.
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