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We were raised Catholic and now struggling with our faith as we become aware of corruption from the Vatican, a Pope who is following the New World Order and leading Catholics in the wrong direction by merging Christianity with Islam and other issues. As we struggle with these issues, we still embrace our Christianity, desire to be closer to Jesus and know that He is the only Way to Salvation. This group is for Catholics and for Christians to join in on the dialogue. 

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  • Today, Nov 1, is All Saints Day. Take time to recognize the ordinary men and women who have led extraordinary lives in faith.
  • I identify myself as a Catholic Christian not Roman Catholic because I believe and follow Jesus knowing He is the ONLY way to salvation and to disassociate myself from Rome and the Vatican.
  • Welcome to the group. I'm a lapsed struggling Catholic who has been questioning many of the things going on in the church lately, particularly with the pope and what direction he is leading the church. I'm also a Christian who desires a close relationship with Jesus, If you too are struggling and concerned about the fate of Catholicism, feel free to join in on the discussions. Because we are ALL Christians, everyone is welcomed to join. Thank you.
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Are Catholics idol worshippers?

One of the criticisms from those of other Christian faiths regarding Catholics is that Catholics are idol worshippers. This may be because Catholics have rosaries, statues, and other religious artifacts in their homes. These items may be seen to be idols. As a Catholic , I have a rosary hanging on my bed post but it is a symbol of my belief in Christ and the rosary is mainly a prayer tool in which the prayers are directed at worshipping God. I've got a cross which represents Jesus. So none of…

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Yes, Francis, there is a Hell

Yesterday, found out that the pope denies the existence of hell. To me, that sends a dangerous message but aside from that, the Bible does clearly state there is both a heaven and a hell. Perhaps those who are well versed in Scripture can find this. The idea that there is no destination for ethernal life whether good or bad is disturbing. What do you think?

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Can One Be Catholic and For Abortion?

You may have heard on the news over the past few months that some states have allowed for late term abortions. You also might be aware that some important members of Congress are Catholic and Democrat which means they belong to a party that supports abortion. The question here is can you be claim to be a devout Catholic while at the same time condoning the murder of innocent lives? Do you think by calling a human life being form a 'tissue' etc justifies this? What's your take on this?

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Are Catholics Christian?

It's been bought to my attention from another social media site that some 'catholics' have performed satanic rituals involving children. While that in itself is disturbing, I'm bothered by the accusation that Catholics are not Christian. Since when did we start finger pointing and snub nosing among ourselves as followers of Jesus? I know I should take the high road and ignore such remarks. I don't care what these people say I AM a Christian, first and foremost. 

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