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We were raised Catholic and now struggling with our faith as we become aware of corruption from the Vatican, a Pope who is following the New World Order and leading Catholics in the wrong direction by merging Christianity with Islam and other issues. As we struggle with these issues, we still embrace our Christianity, desire to be closer to Jesus and know that He is the only Way to Salvation. This group is for Catholics and for Christians to join in on the dialogue. 

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  • Welcome to the group. I'm a lapsed struggling Catholic who has been questioning many of the things going on in the church lately, particularly with the pope and what direction he is leading the church. I'm also a Christian who desires a close relationship with Jesus, If you too are struggling and concerned about the fate of Catholicism, feel free to join in on the discussions. Because we are ALL Christians, everyone is welcomed to join. Thank you.
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Are Catholics Christian?

It's been bought to my attention from another social media site that some 'catholics' have performed satanic rituals involving children. While that in itself is disturbing, I'm bothered by the accusation that Catholics are not Christian. Since when did we start finger pointing and snub nosing among ourselves as followers of Jesus? I know I should take the high road and ignore such remarks. I don't care what these people say I AM a Christian, first and foremost. 

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Is the Catholic Church aiding the Illegals coming to America?

I don't know the full details to this so I invite anyone who does to provide insight to this. All I know is that the Pope is helping them financially. Because these illegals bring diseases, crime and human trafficking, we really need to protect our borders and take care of our people first. I don't really understand why the church would support this only to assume that they think they're doing it out of passion. But to subject these people to a long and dangerous trek through Mexico and other…

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Is Catholic a false religion?

I've heard some Christians say that Catholic is a false religion. Perhaps it's because that many of the practices are man made as opposed to being taken from the Bible. Some people even think that Catholic is religion created by the devil. Being raised Catholic myself, I was upset and angry at this. One thing I can't stand is relgious snobbery and bigotry. I'm inclined to believe Catholics are Christians as with Baptists, Protestants, etc. We all are children of God, followers of Jesus. Anyway,…

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