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Can One Be Catholic and For Abortion?

You may have heard on the news over the past few months that some states have allowed for late term abortions. You also might be aware that some important members of Congress are Catholic and Democrat which means they belong to a party that supports abortion. The question here is can you be claim to be a devout Catholic while at the same time condoning the murder of innocent lives? Do you think by calling a human life being form a 'tissue' etc justifies this? What's your take on this?

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  • Americans have discussed this topic with lots of passion for many years and the nation is still about evenly divided. The only thing we can say for sure is that no law should be passed because whatever it says it will violate deeply held beliefs of half the population.

  • Abortion at any point in the life of the unborn child is murder to anyone who values human life and has thought about it seriously. I cannot understand an opposing view except to believe it's based on evil and from evil's source, Satan. A catholic who believes in "choice" is just not getting the message from God, to revere life and anyone in authority in the Church who believes in "choice" should be removed from office.

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