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Is Catholic a false religion?

I've heard some Christians say that Catholic is a false religion. Perhaps it's because that many of the practices are man made as opposed to being taken from the Bible. Some people even think that Catholic is religion created by the devil. Being raised Catholic myself, I was upset and angry at this. One thing I can't stand is relgious snobbery and bigotry. I'm inclined to believe Catholics are Christians as with Baptists, Protestants, etc. We all are children of God, followers of Jesus. Anyway, while I do question some of the Catholic practices, I do want to know why some think it's a false religion.

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  • It is true that we should love one another but we cannot truly love someone if we do not tell them the truth, especially when it has to do with their salvation or their relationship with the Lord. What I am about to say is out of love and God knows my heart. I want others to understand that they can have a truly intimate relationship with God and He is waiting for this. I believe that Catholicsim contains practices that hinder people in their ability to find true salvation and have a deep, personal realationship with God. I think the problem many Christians have with Catholicism is that the church teaches its flock that they must confess their sins to a human being in order to be forgiven. This suggests that the veil was never torn and that what Christ did on the cross is not enough; that He is NOT our true salvation. That something must be added to it. Having to confess to another sinful human being teaches people that Christ's crucifixtion was inadequate or lacking in some way. Teaching that certain actions can get (or keep) you from entering God's presence is not only erroneous but also spirirtuly dangerous. People cannot absolve others of their sins; this is Christ's job and we are not to ursurp it or confuse others by sending them somewhere else. Having said all of this, no one should be "snobbish" about it or their heart is in the wrong place. These things should be said out of love and said to help others gain a better understanding of the truth. 

    • Thank you, I was never comfortable confessing my sins out in the open to another person, When I took the sacrament of confession as a child and began doing it periodically, we would confess our sins to a priest in private. He;d give us our penance which would be in the form of prayers and there ask God for his forgiveness. Years later, the practice of confession has changed where you confessed your sins to others. I was not good with that. Since they started that, I have not gone to confession. I would rather confess my sins in private. 

  • John 13:34-35 King James Version (KJV)

    34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

    35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.


    Notice that it does not say to judge one another's doctrines. We who study the bible have our doctrines because we know they are the right thing to do, but the commandment is to love one another, not to point out mistakes.

    • Thank you. What really matters is how we love one another as Jesus commands us to, The Bible is our guide and prayer is our direct link to God. 

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