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Yes, Francis, there is a Hell

Yesterday, found out that the pope denies the existence of hell. To me, that sends a dangerous message but aside from that, the Bible does clearly state there is both a heaven and a hell. Perhaps those who are well versed in Scripture can find this. The idea that there is no destination for ethernal life whether good or bad is disturbing. What do you think?

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  • It is easy enough to go to any online bible site and search the words hell, grave, dead, death, and so on. Ecclesiastes 12:5 uses the expression "long home".

    Hell is a hole is a grave. Check any dictionary. Everybody goes there except we who are alive when Jesus calls us to meet him in the air.

    Everything you think you know about hell came from one book by an Italian guy named Dante Allighieri, based on Roman Catholic traditions. The book is titled "Divine Comedy" and you can get one at any book store.

    The bible doesn't say much about heaven. There is a lake of fire, but only spirits go there.

    Bottom line: The bible is the word of life, not death, not afterlife. Stop worrying and learn to live.

  • I'd rather live as if there is hell and so avoid going there while aspire to go to heaven then to die not believing and then be proven otherwise. 

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