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A place to share Miracles from God we experience in our own lives, or hear of from others that show the Grace, Blessings, and Healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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To all the Members here

Just think a minute: Have you ever experienced a Miracle in your life? Maybe it wasn't earth shattering or "brought back from the dead" or something, but you just KNEW it was the hand of God reaching into your life somehow. I think just about all of us have.  Have you ever known someone, or heard of someone who experienced a great miracle? Again, most of us have.

Now, think how great this group would be if all 15 (as of today) members posted some of THEIR miracles here too! Miracles are fairly easy to find online from various sites; we can all copy the website and post a link to it too.

Let's all see if we can add to this group in the near future by posting ourselves. It's not hard to do. And the results of so many Miracles being posted would really please the Lord, as well as everyone else on this site!

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    • No big deal, my brother in Christ! Having to think of things in a world view, or from a world perspective is good for our thinking of God, who must consider everything for all men. How awesome is that? Praise be unto God!
    • Brother Derek has been a Godsend to you, literally. He IS a bit stuffy, tho, but makes up for it by always being right- just ask him, he'll tell you. (LOL)
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    • Brother Albert- I've experienced this "being taken cre of" by the Lord myself many times; I refer to it as Living by the Lord when people ask me what I do for a living, which is a much higher standard of living than someone should have with my level of income. I make $1300 a month, and own a 2015 Subaru and my mobile home outright, "Living by the Lord". "His Grace is sufficient for my needs" as the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 12:9. Prise God, so Benevolent, so loving to all His children!
    • Can I just explain to our US brothers and sisters what Albert means by 'MOT'.
      The initials M.O.T. stand simply for 'Ministry Of Transport', in reality what Abert is talking about is a road worthiness test that is a legal requirement for ALL motor vehicles in the UK older than 36 months, and has to be renewed yearly. It is a very stringent test carried out by private garages (sometimes a license to print money) that have passed the requirements laid down by the Ministry of Transport. It has become known as the MOT Test as that is what used to be printed on the certificates of road worthiness. These certificates no longer exist as everything is now digital and on a national database used by the police, who enforce the law.
  • Here's a great example of a Christian Woman being open to the moving of the Lord and following His Spirit.

    Why God Refused to Let This Woman Escape the Fort Lauderdale Shooting
    9:00AM EST 1/10/2017 Christine Sneeringer

    Christine Sneeringer was trapped in the Fort Lauderdale airport when a gunman attacked. (Courtesy/Christine Sneeringer)

    I was in the terminal at the Fortt Lauderdale airport Friday when a gunman killed five people and wounded eight. Some would say I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I'm not so sure. To be honest, I wasn't even scheduled to be there at that time. I was only there that day because I had missed my earlier flight.

    If I'd had my way, I would have been long gone on the noon flight to JFK then to London that night. I would have gone my merry way and later told stories about how my flight took off an hour before tragedy struck and isn't God good to have spared me the trauma of not one, but two terminal evacuations, and the drama of spending all day on lockdown in terminal two with hundreds of other stranded passengers. If it was up to me, I would have gladly missed all that for a safe, uneventful travel experience back to the UK for the start of school.

    Instead I arrived an hour before my flight but due to a miscalculation on my part my luggage was way overweight. Before they would check my bag I had to extract 15 pounds and redistribute it to my backpack and carry-on. This took some doing and it also took precious time. When I finished I was informed it was now too late to get my bag on the plane and they would have to re-route me on another flight. Ugh! The fee for my new flight through Detroit was $300+. I was kicking myself for not asking how much to just pay an overweight bag fee. Surely it would have been cheaper and I still could have made my original flight. I texted a friend and shared my frustration over the additional fee. She replied, "So sorry. God must have some divine appointment for you."

    With that I changed my perspective and became open to a God assignment. I asked Him, "Why am I here? Is there something you want me to do, someone you want me to meet? If so, please show me."

    The answer wasn't long in coming. Soon after I got to my gate the shooting took place in baggage claim and mayhem broke out in the terminal with everyone running and screaming as they fled onto the tarmac. An hour went by and calm was restored in the terminal. Reports were the gunman was apprehended so we assumed the danger had passed. Everyone came back from the tarmac into the terminal, found their abandoned luggage and sat back down to wait for new flight times.

    Our newfound peace was short lived. Within the hour the same scene occurred all over again with everyone yelling and running down the jetways out onto the tarmac. This time it was scarier because we all knew the first scene had resulted in fatalities. Was another killer lose in the airport? We didn't know.

    I found refuge under the gate agent counter, crouched inside next to a garbage can as I could hear people yelling, "Go, go, go, go!" to usher people outside. I was frozen still inside the cabinet, praying for God's peace to fill the building. After the second stampede evacuation we were all shell-shocked, not sure what caused it or what would happen next.

    Rumors circulated there was a second gunman in the parking garage. Thankfully, this turned out to be false. After some time, a few dozen passengers from outside came back into our side of terminal two but the rest were bussed off-site while their carry-on bags remained scattered throughout the terminal. We all just sat and waited, wondering what's next. Meanwhile we were getting updates on our cell phones of our new flight times. I wondered if any planes would be taking off at all that night. I hoped I could get to Detroit so I could make my connection to London.

    After a couple hours we realized no one was going anywhere on a plane and, worse yet, we couldn't even leave the building. After the first incident only my terminal was closed but now the entire airport was on lockdown. Planes full of passengers were stranded on the runway. Nobody was allowed in or out of any terminal for who knows how long.

    The food court had closed after the first incident and never reopened so as the day wore on we all got hungrier. A Delta pilot came by and gave out pretzels and peanuts and someone else brought a few bottles of water to distribute. That's when I remembered I had a couple boxes of protein bars! I had moved them from my checked bag to my backpack. I pulled them out and went from passenger to passenger offering what I could, asking, "Are you hungry? Would you like lemon or chocolate?"

    The chocolate bars went first of course. Some wondered if the lemon was any good—and I told them it was my favorite. Some didn't care. A protein bar was a protein bar! I soon ran out of protein bars, but I felt bad there was still so many more passengers who didn't get any. I walked through the rest of the terminal to see if any shops were open and I could buy food. That's when I noticed the other side of terminal two was jam-packed with hundreds passengers. My side of the terminal was only thirty percent full but this was worse than I thought. The food court stayed closed, but the Hudson News store was open and many were buying Pringles and other snacks.

    I looked for something affordable and decided Bevita breakfast bars were my best bet. I asked Ana, the store manager, for a bulk discount on snacks and bottled water. When she found out my plan was to buy them to give away she gave me a basket and let me fill it up at no charge! She then assigned an employee to accompany me and carry the bottled water. I kept running out of snacks and bottled water and going back to her for more. Each time I went back to refill the baskets, I wondered when Ana's generosity would end. I must have given out ten baskets of snacks. Over the next couple hours I cleaned the store out of all the Bevitas then moved on to Nutrigrain bars.

    This is how I became known as the "snack lady." People thought I worked at the airport. They were shocked when I told them I was just a passenger. I joked, "I thought I would be flying somewhere today , but that hasn't worked out so well." Then I told them it was happy hour and handed them a free water and a pack of crackers. Some didn't know what Bevita was so I turned company spokeswoman, explaining, "It's like a graham cracker only better!" Some didn't care. When you've been sitting around for six or seven hours, food was food.

    I shared smiles and laughter with lots of beautiful people throughout the terminal, and I knew in my heart this was my God assignment.

    The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9 "A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." My plan that day was to get home as quickly as possible for the start of my new semester abroad in England, but God had other ideas. He needed someone on the ground to be His hands and feet in the terminal that day, and I'm honored He chose me. I'm just an ordinary traveler who serves and extraordinary God.

    Christine Sneeringer is currently a student at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics, where she is learning how to answer people's most difficult questions. Her favorite quote is from St Francis of Asisi, "Preach the gospel always and, if necessary, use words." She is also a speaker, comedian, and freelance writer.
  • As I research on the internet and study The Bible, I have found a lot of things on miracles. The miracles that were done in the Bible, the miracles being done today, and even people offering to teach you how to do miracles.

    I know the Bible is very clear about the Power that Christian have (suppose to have), what we can do (what we are suppose to be able to do). Philippians says that there is nothing we cannot do, through Christ that gives us the strength and ability to do what ever needs to be done.

    In Order to do the miracles that we see in the Bible and be able to do them today, takes Faith.

    What do you think, can a person be taught how to do miracles? Such as raising the dead (there was a website that offer training on this). There are other websites that offer to cast out demons and break demonic holds on your life and then teach you how to do various kinds of miracles.

    Or is this simply a matter of Faith, Prayer, Fasting, and a divine Gift from God?
  • First, I give praise to God and thank Him for loving me and taking care of me. There are times when God intervenes and takes care of us. We may not be aware of how much He does for us. It's not until later we realize what happened and what He did. I believe when all of this is over, and we're with the Lord, we'll hear stories of deliverance and God's love. I think of it like telling stories around a campfire, and telling all the great things God has done. We share with each other because believing encourages believing in others.

    I did my paralegal internship at a sole proprietor firm in Buffalo. The very last day the car in front of me slammed on their brakes. Of course, I did the same thing. My car did almost 3 donuts. My car twirled around so fast my earrings came out of my earlobes, and later I found my earrings in the back seat. I remember thinking...God please, I don't want to hurt anybody. I went off the road down an embankment backwards about 15 feet, and snow flew up on my car. I thought my car would never stop moving.

    People on the highway above were calling 911 because my car had disappeared. I dialed 911 too. The operator asked me...(gasping)...Are you the driver who went off the road...Where are you? My car had some snow on it. They were trying to figure out my location. I turned on the wipers and decided it was okay to roll down a window. My car was still running.

    The operator took inventory...Are you injured? "No" Is your car running? "Yes" Is there anyone else in the car with you? "No" Don't hang up....Can you tell where you are? "No, but give me a minute. Maybe I can figure it out." I thought maybe I was close to a pond or maybe there was water in a field, but there was also snow. The operator said do not get out of your car, and that was okay for me. I finally figured out I was close to a Target.

    The operator sent a tow truck and a sheriff. They drove up to my car and said I could get out. They hooked up my car to the tow truck and drove me back on to the highway. My car started. I drove on my way. One of our tail lights had been blinking and not working right. It began to work right after my roller coaster ride. I finished my internship at the end of the day.

    I described to my friends at work what had happened. Judge M said that I'm the only person she knows of that has gone off the road at that spot and survived. She knows that area. She said it's called dead man's road. There's no lane to pull over, no median, and no guard rails. God helped me. Then we all had a chuckle because my earrings ended up in the back seat. LOL

    God bless,

  • I had a small miracle happen thursday I thought I'd share. Before I drive, each time, I pray for the trip, not to break down, have an accident, get pulled over, or hit a deer. I really hate hitting deer. It's so pointless; they get hurt or die, and my car gets wrecked. No one benefits. And, before I started praying this, I hit quite a few. None since, praise God!

    So, Thursday I was going up north, driving at 65 mph on a 2 lane road during the day when I had a flash of a large deer in front of my car. I turned left, and must have missed her rear legs by inches as she went off to my right. If I had been 1/10 of a second earlier, we would have impacted and going 65 in my new car towing a trailer would have really made a mess of things. I could see she was a large deer, probably a doe or antlerless buck and I was shouting out praises to God immediately, as I really hate hitting deer. So praise God, eh? A very small bit of time and nothing came of it, except what was avoided. How many of us have these little 1/10 of a second miracles all the time? I think most of us, frequently not noticed or thought of as miracles. Sure, we have the big ones, and write them up and discuss with others, but you know, I believe we have miracles all day long, really, if you think on it. Our God is a good God, and He takes care of the children He Loves!
  • I believe in miracles Terry.
  • For some who do not believe in miracles, all you have to do is look at the science of medicine and the leaps and bounds it has made in the last several years. You may scoff and say it is man who made these things possible, but it Was GOD who gave man the brains to think and come up with these innovations. The one miracle I most recently have witnessed is the premature birth of my great grandson, Stephen. He was born 10 weeks too soon with many problems to begin with, such as breathing problems because his little lungs were not developed enough to do the work they had to do, but the doctors with our LORD'S guidance knew how to use the vent machine to help him breath. Who and how did they come up with the idea of how and what to do with that machine? It was a mere man or woman GOD gave the brains and the knowledge of how to use that brain to build and know how to use that machine. They also had to give him a transfusion. Now, I realize that one is an old miracle, but GOD was behind that. There are so many many things in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units today that they didn't have 15 or 20 years ago that they have now and they save babies as small as 1 or 2 pounds. Stephen at birth weighed 2 pounds 14 ounces, that's very small to me. His grandma, my daughter said his little index finger was as small as a Chinese noodle! But yesterday I learned that he's doing so well that he may come home in a couple of weeks. To me that is a miracle! It is also an excellent example of the power of prayer. My entire family had prayer chains going from all over the country, even you were all praying for him, and our FATHER GOD saw fit to let us keep him even if it is for just a little while longer. HIS Will Be Done. This is to me one of the greatest miracles I have ever have been blessed with. Praise the LORD!!! Thank you FATHER for your many Blessings in my life.
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