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  This group is designed for people that have parenting issues, questions or just want to share about your experiences. I have many sites, books and ideas as a home school mom of four sons. Please feel free to share and hopefully learn about parenting from a Christian perspective.


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  • Today, it's been a month since my son left. I really didn't think it would last this long. But, I also know that God has a lot of work to do in my son. He's a constant complainer, ungrateful and selfish. I hate to admit that things are easier here since he's been gone. Is that fair to share with all of you? There is no drama, no discontent, but everyone is feeling his loss here. I am trying to see the positive in the midst of the pain, and feel guilty that I am sharing how things are better since he's been gone. I know that God may need my son awhile longer in order to teach him about being a man of God as only God can. I just pray that it won't take years.
  • I am sharing a personal struggle this week. I created a Facebook group called Parents with teenagers who left home support group. It is a closed group, but if you or someone you know needs this group, feel free to join and hear my story today. New video added.
  • This helped me in understanding my son that left home better. What separates Victors and Victims? It’s mentality. Join me this week as I discuss Victors and Victims by K. R. Harrison. New video added.
  • I don't claim to be a perfect parent by any means. I felt that if I did better than my abusive mom and better than my dad who abandoned me at the age of 5, I was doing pretty good. I never dreamed that my 18 year-old son would choose his girlfriend over his family because the two of them refused to follow our rules of not sleeping together in the same room. I feel that God won't bless their rebellious spirits and living in his car will hopefully grow old. But what hurts even more is my in-laws refusing to hear our side of the story and helping these defiant kids who left both of their homes because they refused to be held accountable by their parents. God I beg of You, please end this selfishness and return these two kids to their loving homes.
  • I would like to state that the resources I mention are from my own personal experiences and that I don't agree with all the suggestions that are made. I love Kevin Leman, but believe his parenting style is a little harsh. It doesn't mean I can't still learn from his advice on marriage. We will not always agree with everything any author states, but I don't believe that it negates the value of everything that is being said. Thanks again for your opinions. It helps to know other people's perspectives as well. Since parenting is such a tough job anyway, that I believe we shouldn't be winging it, but educating ourselves.
  • I am extremely surprised that both James Dobson and Focus on the Family are allowed to advertise here. There is no way to control who advertises? No serious, humane parent should see them on a serious parenting site. No one.
    • I'm curioius Raina, why are you so opposed to those two resources? I think if one has a such a strong opinion on something they should have some information to back up said opinion. I agree with Kathi that you certainly have a right to your opinion but I do think it should be clarified and not just be an arrow thrown out there with no real purpose. I appreciate Kathi's attempts at arming parents with biblical resources.
    • Raina, I am sorry that you feel that way. I have used these resources personally in my marriage and in parenting my children. You have a right to your opinion here, but these resources will remain here.
    • These are not advertisements. They have been posted here as resources for individuals in need of help with parenting. I have messaged the group leader with your concerns.
    • Oh, man! I am so sorry! I've been caught talking out loud, Annette Mcenderfer, Kathi Hole, and Pastor Rolf Anderson! Stinkin'. My children are in their later 40s now, so maybe I should not be here. :) I was just very surprised and spoke out of turn. Please allow me to explain.

      I liked Dobson when my children were little, but the fact was that when I read his books, I only saw what I wanted to see, not what he really wrote. When they were in their teens, my eyes were opened when he told about how he chased his little dog around the room, hitting it with his belt. He thought that was funny. My jaw dropped, then I started rereading his books. I was stunned. One of the things I remember reading then was how he told parents to secretly control their children in public, while saving the parent any embarrassment, by squeezing the child's trapezius muscle until they collapse in submission.

      I don't remember anything more -- it was about 25 or so years ago. As a result of my rereading his books, with my eyes wide open, I destroyed them.

      I just assumed people knew that he taught such things. I am sorry!!
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