Hello, and welcome to Plants of the Bible! This group is meant to discuss and learn about the many different plants mentioned in the Bible. There are many uses and benefits, as God had intended, for His wonderful creation. I am hoping this group will be a way for people to learn about plants, trees and herbs that God had specifically placed in His word. If you have a particular favourite form of plant life feel free to mention it. Let us know why it is your favourite.


Group leader: Patrick Christian

13 Growing Leaves
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  • Good day to you all I come across a story that has a most impressive plant, It is found in Numbers 13 Moses sent the leaders to explore the land, When they reached the Valley of Eshkol they cut of a cluster of grapes, The cluster was so large that it took two men to carry it on a pole they also had with them some pomegranates and figs, But wow to think that the plants back in the day could get to such impressive size, it could be another way to see how far this world has fallen because of sin, and maybe it could be a sign to what heaven will be like,
    • Yes, in Verse 23 Numbers 13:23 One massive cluster of grapes!
  • Hello I have just read in Numbers 11:5 how the Israelites were remembering how they got to eat freely in Egypt, they mentioned Fish, cucumbers, Melons, Leeks, Onions and Garlic, This is interesting on how they could eat free these and name the fruits they had.
    • Greetings, Jonathan! Yes, the names of the foods they had back then have remained the same, at least for the most part. I am a big fan of garlic, onions, leeks, cucumbers and melon. I can just picture myself walking through nature back then and picking foods from trees and the ground, and just eating it as it is. Can you imagine how much better the food must have been thousands of years ago? From all that I had read over the years, food, particularly vegetation, has been gradually getting worse since the fall of man. But, although it is still getting worse, God has allowed us to still share in some great benefits of it all. Each of those foods alone have some really excellent health benefits.
    • It is truly sad how far man has falling, but non the less we can still enjoy the world we have, one way I do this is by foraging, I enjoy going out the nature to gather plants for food and medicine, by doing this I know that we have been giving everything we need to do what God has plain for us
  • I would like to welcome all the new members of this group who have decided to join, coming together to discuss and learn about God's creation. I plan to do at least one main post each week about a plant or tree or herb that is mentioned in the Bible. Although, anyone is welcome, at any time, to comment or share more information or even just give opinions on the plant life God has given us. Just as vegetation God has created is for everyone, so is this group. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. God bless!
  • Please add my name for this group
    • Brother Jagan, you will need to go to the group and sign up for it to be a member.
  • Hello everyone,
    I'm glad to have received an invitation to join you all! I have one plant (well, it's a tree but we can agree it can fit in the same category!) that came to mind first and that is the magnificent cedar tree. I have had the privilege of seeing them up close during my visits to Lebanon :-D
    It is so many times mentioned in the Bible like in the following verse: 'The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.' Psalms 92:12
    Also, I have a strong connection to this tree because of my Lebanese heritage. Reading these verses kind of transport me to my country of origin and the Middle East where times of the Bible took place. I am truly blessed to be with all of you.
    God bless,
    • Welcome to the group, Rola! We are happy you have joined us here. Yes, cedars are certainly included. In fact, they are one of my favourite trees. The scent that comes from them always brings a smile to my face. It is known as one of the "trees of Yahweh." It was used in ritual cleansing, and also as a biblical example of "firmness" as in standing firm. I plan to do post on here about cedars soon. I hope we hear more from you!
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This week, we will take a look at a plant that is well known for its fruit. Not only so much the fruit itself, but many tiny seeds that are inside each fruit. Pomegranates grow on both trees and very large shrubs that produce the fruit in great abundance. It is considered to be one of the world's oldest cultivated fruit, and is believed to have originated in Persia (modern day Iran) around 4000 BC.Some believe the pomegranate may have been the fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.…

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The Willow

Willows are an incredible part of God's creation. They have been around for thousands of years, and have been created brilliantly enough to last thousands more. They are a strong tree with strong roots. Willows have been known to withstand just about any type of damage or troubles. An old proverb say, "The willow knows what the storm does not: that the power to endure harm outlives the power to inflict it."Now, some may say that the willow has been known to do its fair share of damage over the…

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Welcome to this week's study on Plants of the Bible! I had decided to go with something a little different today. If you are looking for something fairly easy and healthy to grow in your garden this year, this plant should certainly be one to consider. This week's Plant of the Bible is the cucumber.This particular plant is a member of the gourd family, and has its origins in India nearly 5,000 years ago. It had quickly become very popular beyond the Indian borders, and was soon being grown in…

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If you have never heard of myrtle you are one of a small number. It is one of the most famous plants in the history of the world. And for good reason. Let's find out why!This plant has been well known in many circles, over many years, in many countries for several reasons. Myrtle has found its valuable place in mythology, history, culture, religious rituals, medicine, culinary arts, and yes, even the Bible.Myrtle is an evergreen tree or shrub that had its origins in the Middle East…

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