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  • I'd like to ask prayer for myself. At about 11pm last night I began to suffer a massive gall bladder attack. The pain was so severe I did not sleep at all, and was having difficulty breathing. I have had more than my share of excruciating pain in my life, but nothing so severe as this. One good thing that came out of it was that I got some late night praying in. God knows how to use those times when you feel you are experiencing your last moments. I had decided to pray rather go to the hospital. Dealing with the aftermath and scolding from loved ones now for not going to get checked out. The way I saw it, no doctor was going to do what God could do. I just put complete trust in God. He put me into a deep sleep for a short time, and when I awoke the pain was nearly gone, with the exception of some tenderness which I still have. My prayer is that whatever had caused this will become knowledge to me so I can correct it for future avoidance. Thank you!
    • I'm sorry I'm late in responding but praying that you have no more pain and may GOD Bless you brother.
    • Thank you. So far so goo since that night.
    • Praise God for a great testimony of yours. Certainly I thank God for a couple of things from you happened is 1. You are proved that you are belongs to God by trust of God even hard time and 2. claimed DIVINE HEALING. God honored your precious faith. The Lord always with you my brother. I was just preaching onlast Sunday from Mat.9:18,19 He turns dead to alive. Luke 8:49-56,Mark 5:21-24.
      But it is also good to go for medical test for betterment to get the Lord s healing.
      God bless you my brother
    • Thank you brother. I know it was Him who healed me. When most doctors "heal" it is usually more of a temporary patch up job. When God heals it is real. I have been fine since then. I keep thanking God throughout the day.
    • you are most welcome my brother I am praying for you to be whole and safe always . God s protection is always there for you my brother. This is my earnest prayer for you .
    • Thank you Mary and Pastor Rolf.
    • In full agreement with Mary and Patrick,in Jesus name AMEN
    • God, please bless and heal Patrick. Please show Patrick what caused this episode so that he can keep it from happening again. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen.
  • A week or so ago I asked for prayers for yet another of my cousins, Edie. She is 3 months older than me and the daughter of my mother's brother. I spoke with her again last night and was told that she had graduated from the clinic classes for the type of dialysis she is doing at home. At this point she does it manually and has no machine, but if they see that she consistently feels better they will get a machine that she will hook up to at bedtime and it will do the cycling for her where as she is doing it manually right now. She also said that her kidneys are working at 12% (physically she will not get better she said her organs will start to shut down at some point) . So once again I am asking that you pray for her physically and even more importantly spiritually. Thank you all so much.
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  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China

    Please pray very earnestly for China.

    We can't have church face to face, so we are having them online, please continue to pray for our church that it would grow in size and maturity.

    Every time we go out of the complex and to the market/supermarket, we are tested with temperature machine

    You have seen the headlines about what is going on in China, the virus is spreading, but so is the gospel.

    Please pray for the Virus situation, especially the City of Wuhan and province of Hubei. This place is probably the weakest for the gospel in the whole of China. Please pray for the Christians, Churches and Pastors.

    Please pray for the church all over China, that it would respond and revive.

    Please pray for our church, especially pray for our Pastor and his family, he serves not only us, but other churches

    There are serious issues regarding unity, there is gossip, rebellion to authority and serious sin within the church. Co-workers are not unified and want to do their own thing.

    Please pray for two men S and W, who have serious sexual problems, they have been trapped in sexual sin for many years. Please pray that they would be released.

    Please pray for F and her mother, who need salvation

    Please pray for Y, who is a gossip and is spreading rumours throughout the church

    Because off the virus, we are unable to meet, we have to meet online. Please pray that the church members would come to the meetings we hold online and grow in their faith

    Things are difficult, food prices are increasing. We have to stay inside, when we go out, face masks must be worn, temperatures are taken as you enter our complex, every market and supermarket.

    Please pray for L and S, two ladies who lead the other bible study groups, both very vocal in criticism

    Please pray for deep and powerful love between us.

    Please pray for R, our foreign friend who needs a real touch from God, he is saved, but needs direction

    Please pray for Helen, as she seeks to minister

    Please earnestly intercede for us, please consider adopting our church fellowship

    Please share this email with others on social media, if you want to placed on the email list for my devotions, my email is keitherichobkirk@hotmail.com or my facebook id is keith hobkirk


    Oh, be ravished with this!

    (Charles Spurgeon)

    "That the world may know that You sent Me and loved them even as You have loved Me!" John 17:23

    Can you believe it . . .
    that you should be the object of God's delight,
    that you should be the object of the Father's love as truly as Christ is!

    See the amazing sacrifice which the Father made in giving Jesus to us.

    Think what it cost Him to tear His Well-Beloved from His bosom and send Him down below to be despised and rejected.

    Think what it cost Him to nail Jesus up to yonder cross, and then forsake Him and hide His face from Him, because He had laid all our sins upon Him.

    Oh, the love He must have had to us, thus to have made His best Beloved to become a curse for us, as it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree!"

    I want you to get this truth right into your souls, dear friends.
    Do not hold it as a dry doctrine, but let it penetrate your heart.

    Oh, when the river of God's great love to us came rolling in like a mighty torrent, what a sea of love was there! Now we are borne onward forever by the mighty sweep of infinite love into an everlasting blessedness which tongues and lips can never fully set forth!

    Oh, be ravished with this! Be in ecstasy at love so amazing, so divine! The Father loves you even as He loves His Son! After the same manner and sort, He loves all His redeemed people.

    Can you believe it!

    Oh, if the love of Jesus once enters into a man's soul . . .
    it will forever transform him,
    it will sway him with the noblest passions,
    it will make him a zealot for Christ,
    it will cast out his pride and selfishness,
    it will change him into the image of Christ, and
    fit him to dwell in Heaven where love is eternally perfected.
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China:
    Please remember us in China. The virus is still spreading throughout China. Please pray that this virus outbreak ends.

    Please pray the gospel spreads throughout China and that the Chinese church sees a mighty revival

    Please pray for our church because we have deep and profound problems with unity and sin in the church. Please pray earnestly.

    Please pray for the following people group in China

    Han Chinese Cantonese

    Han Chinese, Cantonese in China
    Joshua Project profile for the Han Chinese, Cantonese in China
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China:

    Ripped from the headlines:

    U.S. embassy in Iran attacked
    U.S. kills Iran’s highest military commander
    Iran targets U.S. troops in Iraq with missile strikes.

    The world nervously waits for what comes next.

    But here is what you’re not hearing in the news: deep in the heart of this formally Islamic country is an unprecedented movement of Iranians to faith in Jesus.

    This is one of the most profound untold stories in the world today. Iran is considered the fastest growing church in the world.

    Forty years of Islamic rule have only brought devastation, and Iranians are seeking truth, hope, and meaning. More have come to faith in Jesus in the last 20 years than in the 1300 years prior.

    So here's our challenge:
    Every time you see Iran in the news this week (which will be a lot), STOP and PRAY!

    May this Iranian awakening accelerate into every corner of the Persian world. Even reaching Ayatollah Khamenei himself!
    Together let's watch and pray,
    The Prayercast Team
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China
    Please remember to pray for China on January 25th, it is our National day of prayer for China called China Cry, please use these requests and get your church and social media groups involved. Please pray for as long as the Lord leads. Please stand with us, if you will pray as a church or on your own, please let me know

    Remember to share these requests and please print them out

    Specific prayer requests for our little church

    Continue to pray for our Pastor, wife and three young seminary students helping us

    Continue to pray for unity amongst church co-workers, for unity in purpose

    Please pray for revival amongst the small number of men, and that many more would come to the church

    Please pray for many more young people to come to the church

    Please pray for many new believers that they would grow up into mature disciples

    Please pray for the children as they have to withstand atheist teaching in school and society

    Many people in the church need a real touch of the spirit, please pray that Jesus would have the pre-eminence in the church

    Please pray for our services

    Sunday at 8:30am
    Prayer meeting Thursday 7:30pm
    Co workers training Wednesday evening
    House groups Friday evening

    Please pray for us that we would grow not just in size, but in maturity.

    There are only two true couples in the church, who are saved and committed to the church, please pray for the husbands of many sisters to come to faith

    Please pray that everyone knows Christ and is able to make him known

    Please pray for the following to come to salvation H, F , F and her mum. Please pray for the salvation of Helen's parents and our daughter

    Our vision this year is to increase the church by 51%, please pray that this not only happens in our church but in every church in China

    General prayer requests for China

    Pray that the church would not only withstand thus current persecution, but would flourish through it. More regulations come into action on 1st Feb stating that all churches must advocate CCP teaching

    Please pray for a move of God that nothing is able to hold back

    Millions of people are being saved every year, it is estimated that between 10-50 thousand people are saved every day, please pray that all these would be provided with good solid bible teaching

    Although millions have been reached, millions are still un reached. Please Pray that everyone in China would have the chance to hear and respond to the gospel

    Please pray for the Chinese communities outside China, that they would respond to the gospel

    Please pray for protection of the chinese church, persecution is ongoing and severe
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China








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  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China

    Dear Friends

    As you know we had our first day of prayer on October 1st this year, I believe God has given me this vision. I know of several people and churches who joined me as we prayed for China

    I call it one hour for China, but you don't have to pray for one hour, any period of time would be great.

    Next year we will have three

    Saturday January 25th Chinese new year
    Wednesday 1st july mid year
    Thursday 1st october National day

    Would you or your church/prayer group be willing to join us, I am asking the lord for ten churches and 100 people to join us, if your church can't gather for a special meeting, please print out the prayer requests which will be sent nearer the time. Please gain a heart for China

    If you are willing to join us please let me know by emailing me at keitherichobkirk@hotmail.com

    Please share this with all your friends, groups and facebook


  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China

    Please remember in your prayers, this group of over 6 million people, thry need to hear the gospel, please read, pray and share


    Han Chinese, Hainanese in China | Joshua Project
    The Joshua Project Progress Scale is an estimate of the progress of church planting among a people group, people cluster, country or language. The Progress Scale is derived from people group values for percent Evangelical and percent Christian Adherent.

    Please hold me in your prayers as I will be away at mens conference from wednesday to saturday, please pray for safety and for God to move in a powerful way
    Han Chinese, Hainanese in China
    Joshua Project profile for the Han Chinese, Hainanese in China
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China





    These islands are staunchly Muslim and the Christian's are mostly from other regions of Indonesia. Please pray for the establishment of a Sunda Church.

    Over 100,000 Balinese live in Lombok and they are more open to the gospel than on their native island. Please pray that many churches would be formed amongst them.

    The Unreached peoples are:

    Sasak 2.75 million situated on Lombok.. believers 200.
    Sumbawa 400,000.. believers 20.
    Bima 650,000.. believers 100.

    Please pray for the first fruits of the gospel in house fellowships, and that these would grow into active witnessing churches.

    There are two small churches amongst the Bima. Please pray for a powerful move of the Spirit and pray for dynamic Christian marriages, as many young people change religion to get married.

    Scriptures are in the process of being translated and radio broadcasts air for 3.5 hours per week. Please pray for deep and lasting fruit from this ministry.

    God bless

  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China
    Turkey’s recent military operations in northern Syria have brought a new wave of devastation to a war-weary people. Masses are displaced, and even more face immense humanitarian need. AGAIN.

    ISIS-like militias – supported by Turkey – are brutally targeting Christians and other minorities.

    Do we even notice anymore? Do we care?

    The immensity of the suffering in this war-torn nation is hard for us to absorb. It's easy to turn it into a far-away, faceless conflict.

    But we can’t.

    Syria matters to God.
    Therefore, Syria should matter to us.

    We cannot lose sight of the people. REAL people. People Jesus loves and died to save.

    Syrians desperately need REAL peace.

    Only God can bring this war to an end. And it is only the Hope of the Gospel that can bring Syrians true, lasting, and eternal peace.
    Together let's watch and pray,
    The Prayercast Team
  • Posted for Pastor Hobkirk in China

    please pray for china

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    Prayercast | China
    A crisis brews for Christians in China. To the average observer, China is flourishing. With the world's biggest population, as well as the largest wo…
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