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This is group is for members to share good, clean humor in the form of jokes, funny videos, stories, etc. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then!


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  • Ancient Chinese proverb says, "Sometimes when people are sleeping, they are not awake". True story bro.
  • Someone gave me a crank handle for my birthday. It was just a wind-up!
    • Musta been some kinda crank friend, eh?
    • I've had a load of them in my time, and some were employees, but have to know how to 'handle' them.
  • I used to sit up all night wondering how many stars there were within our solar system.

    Then, finally, it would dawn on me.
  • You know, I just love the way the Lord made the Earth rotate, it really makes my day . . .
  • Past, present and future, walk into a bar, the atmosphere was in-tense. . . .
  • There is always the hope that one day I will become an optimist.
  • Would you like to go back and listen to what Jesus really said and did, or visit Israel when she was formed, or given the Ten Commandments.
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  • One evening, after a long millennia God and Jesus were relaxing by the fire. God said, "Gee, Son, I'd like to put a creation plan together to really "stick it" to old Darwin." Jesus said, "How about this: we'll take a warm blooded mammal who nurses their young, we'll have it lay eggs, and give it webbed feet and a flat tail. That should do it!" "Yeah, my Son, we'll call it a Platypus and Darwin will never figure this one out!" And, they both had a good laugh.
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