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This Group is for Brothers and Sisters in Christ to meet and get to know each other with the ultimate goal being to follow the Lord's design, as in Genesis 2:24, and join together and become "One Flesh" in Marriage.

This first page is for general comments and introductions. To read and comment on articles written be sure to clic on FORUM.

The Group Leader for this Group is Kimberly Hayder.

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Note: Within the Group, we can get to know each other but it's proper to keep personal communications between each other to Messages or private Chats (remember, we also can't give out our email address or Facebook info except in a private message per the rules of the site). Also, remember everything written in the Group gets copied to the Home page as well.

We all need to also remember this is a Christian Site, and anything overtly sexual in nature is inappropriate, as is looking for just temporary relationships. This is a safe place to "Meet and Greet" with the ultimate goal of Joining together in Marriage.

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  • hello everyone on this group, I am a born again believer from New Delhi, India. Just a little bit about myself, I have done my MBA and been working for 4.5 years. I have just joined this group and look forward to talk to y'all. I have been praying for a ife partner who loves the Lord and would request you to pray for me that I will come across the right person.
  • Hi everyone, Grace and peace be multiplied to us all in the Name of Jesus. We live in a generation in which it is difficult and and seems stupid to be a single with integrity and many have compromised. But God has given us the grace to have self control and wait patiently for that one person who was meant for us. Remember, God's standards can't be compromis
  • Hi Brothers and Sisters, I am Born-Again Christian living in Upstate NY and like to fellowship with Christians who are Singles and help in ways to minister with them as well as fellowship to help Spiritual growth. God bless!
  • Hello i am bachelor and born again christian lives in Pakistan ,i have done MSc . in mass communication and teaching in a institute. looking for God fearing lady to be my batter half and serve The Lord Jesus Christ with me please pray for this purpose
  • Hello Brothers and sisters
  • Hello fellow christians, im a widow and im in search of a good man that i can make his heart happy and treat like a king. please dont be shy to add me as friend and message me. HELP A GOOD SISTER
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    • God bless you Sister!
    • Thank you! God bless you, too!
  • Hello, I am new today from Norway. Happy new year ev1
  • I've been single for 13 years now. I preferred marriage (godly relationship/christian marriage) but maybe just not yet the right time for me. I believe God's right time, right place and right person for me. I keep praying for God to strengthen me to be patient and lead me to the one He has prepared for me. In this waiting God is preparing me for that person too. Let God's will be done because He knows the best. I make friend/build relationship and the rest is God's part.
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