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This Group is for Brothers and Sisters in Christ to meet and get to know each other with the ultimate goal being to follow the Lord's design, as in Genesis 2:24, and join together and become "One Flesh" in Marriage.

This first page is for general comments and introductions. To read and comment on articles written be sure to clic on FORUM.

The Group Leader for this Group is Kimberly Hayder.

537 Members
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Note: Within the Group, we can get to know each other but it's proper to keep personal communications between each other to Messages or private Chats (remember, we also can't give out our email address or Facebook info except in a private message per the rules of the site). Also, remember everything written in the Group gets copied to the Home page as well.

We all need to also remember this is a Christian Site, and anything overtly sexual in nature is inappropriate, as is looking for just temporary relationships. This is a safe place to "Meet and Greet" with the ultimate goal of Joining together in Marriage.

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  • Hello everyone, I just join today! Hoping to make new friends in Christ. God bless
  • sift yourself
  • or not...…………..
  • Hello……. just hanging out saying hello...……...seems a moving site...…….. soo,hello...lets meet..or?..hang out a bit...………….
    topic topic,, how bout,,,,,,,,,,,the second comandmant,,,,yah right,, its us right?
    and yet its you...…… so who are you?

    Good day and lets all talk...
    • Hi Jade! Try and stop by between 7 and 8 PM CST and clic on the CHAT room as we're moderating it then. Hope to see you then!
  • Hey everyone I'm here looking for new friends. I'm excited to be here.
  • Hi everyone! My name is Amaya and I am from Kenya. I am excited to be here.
    • Hi Sister Amaya and welcome to the Singles group. I pray you find all you're looking for here. Perhaps you can post about yourself here or in a blog on this site!
    • Thank you Pastor Rolf
  • Yes, Sister Annette, there have been several new people joining up with this group. Perhaps they will stick around and post something about themselves.
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