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Creating and keeping a spiritual journal. To enrich prayer life and develop a close intimate relationship with Jesus. This group can be the place to go for prayer prompts,  offer and exchange tips and more.

Group Leader: Linda Favorite

15 Journalers
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  • I've added Bible Study Methods to this group. If anyone has any bible study methods or hints they like to share, please do. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • Bible Journaling Tip: If you have a bible and concerned about destroying the pages when creating pictures on them, make photocopies of the pages that contain your favorite verses. Happy Journaling!!
  • Saw a robin this morning. A sign that spring is coming even though it's still cold outside. God gives us plenty to inspire and journal about through nature. I go back in the house, drink another cup of coffee and then journal away.
  • Please note this group now has a 'prompts' tab. Prompts are designed to spark journal writing where you can expand your thoughts as much as you like on a given topic. I'll try to do a monthly prompt. Members may comment about the prompt or create their own. Journal entries on these prompts should be private unless you feel comfortable sharing them, That's up to you. So hopefully this will make journaling a positive and rewarding experience. Blessings to all.
  • I've changed the 'photo' tab to 'prompts'. Members may post prompts and photos on this tab to inspire journal writing.
    • Hi Linda, I have added a new page to the group for you, 'Prompts', I hope this is OK, if this doesn't work for you let me know, certain things can be changed.
    • Thank you for adding the 'prompts' tab. :)
    • What exactly are 'Prompts' Linda, because the actual page remains set up for Photos? How do you want to use the page? It can be changed to whatever you want, but as it stands you will only be able to post pictures, after which you can post comments. You can leave the page as Photos and add another page to cope with posts.
    • Changed it back to Photos. Is there a way to add tabs? For now, prompts can be posted on the comment section or someone can post a photo along w/ a prompt. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to post photos on here myself ..However, I'll leave that tab as is in case I do and if anyone else can. Thank you for the reminder.
    • Did post a photo from my files. May add more in the future.
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