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A place where members can give personal testimonies regarding experiences they have had with God. Testimonies of their Born-Again experience, their Baptism, ways that God has intervened in their lives, all are welcome.

Note: A separate group exists for distinct Miracles the Lord has done.


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Any member is really encouraged to tell us their Testimony! Like, How you met the Lord, When you were Baptized, Experiences you've had that were truly special with the Lord, anything you think others might like to learn about you, and about the Lord thru you!

Each person's Testimony should be written as a Discussion, and the comments on this page are for comments about the group.

When you read others Testimonies, be sure to leave them some feedback by either marking you like it, or writing up a comment under the Discussion about it.

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  • Hi,
    You can watch my video interview with Quintin at: and my Tribute to my DAD after he went to be with the LORD, in which I explain how I came to Christ (my testimony) :
    God Bless y'all :-)
  • Hallelujah I,myself gave my Testimony as 1 of God's Happy Miracle Children 2 Years ago.However Now I Need to Let All Know
    How Awesome my Daily divine Therapist Jesus Christ has Assisted me in Cleaning my Home Along with Everything Else as Well as Typing this Information.I can Barely Lift my Left Arm up just as Far as my Chest;& @ 1 Time because of my blessed
    8 & 1/2 Coma my Elbow on my Right Arm Grew an Extra Bone Across it so even though I was Right Handed I Could Not Feed myself because my Arm Would Not Bend.On my Anniversary April 16,2004 the Lord Gave me a Gift of Surgery to Remove the Extra Bone;@ the Hospital they Said Never before had they Seen such a ;-) Happy Person going into Surgery;then I Explained Why I was so Happy so they Understood.Then I was given a Machine to Work my Arm to Bend it;I Now Walk w/a Rolling Walker.ROTFLMBO Since I have to Hold Onto something to Walk though so my Husband Refuses to Allow me to Cook;being Afraid I may Burn myself but I Talked him into Letting me Use the Microwave.Our Microwave is Attached to Our Upper Cabinet so I had No Problem in Placing something in it to Cook;However Once Cooked it was Too Hot for me to Remove so Oops Found Out he'd have to Remove it so Absolutely No Cooking for me.Also No Doubt he's Also my Gift from God when We've got Laundry to do because We have a Laundry Room he @ 1st was Standing in the Doorway Watching me because I had to Walk Sideways & as I've Said I have to Hold on to something to Move;he Said to be Honest rather than Stand here Watching you it'd be Easier to do it myself.Praise the Lord Thank You Jesus for Everything in Jesus' holy name,Amen.
  • For those of you who know me a bit, know that I am a compulsive worrier. Of late my family has been in a total uproar with our daughter and her 2 youngest children moving back home with us after her husband and father-in-law threw her and the children out with only time enough to gather clothes to wear. Her husband deserted her and the children with the exception of their 15 year old daughter who went with him to live with a girl friend. Yesterday our 12 year old granddaughter came home after a weekend visit with her dad stating she had written a letter to be presented to the judge today stating she wished to live with him as well. That hurt me and our daughter greatly, but I said a prayer that the LORD take this worry from me because I could not deal with it emotionally. After saying the prayer, a very calm peaceful feeling came over me, and I was fine even while I sat at home and my husband and daughter went to the hearing. When they returned, the informed me that everything was going to stay as they have been for the last 5 or 6 weeks. The LORD took that worry from me and this time, I left it with HIM. HE did not fail me. Our LORD is a wonderful care taker of all of us if we just stop trying to control it all and leave the heavy work to the FATHER. I will never again take something back that I have left with the LORD. terry stonebarger
    • Yes alleuaia yes He gives us a peaceful mind and heart. That if we take everything in prayer to The Lord and place into God's hands and leave it with Him. We get a peaceful heart.
    • Heavenly Father,with You We know Nothing is Impossible & You've Already made Terry Feel better;they've decided to Leave their Problems with You.Lord Please Give them Your Peace,Comfort,& Strength to Deal with the Difficulties they have in Jesus' holy name Thank You,Amen. Love you ;-) Rebecca
  • My awesome God called me out, set me apart, and saved me 53 years ago. I was just a little girl growing up in a godless family. My mother was the product of severe child abuse, she wore scars from her childhood on her back and in her soul. My father also was beaten often by his father until he ran away when he was ten. My mother and father married late in life and were married for 2 years before they lived together, because my mother was afraid to tell her mother of her marriage. She finally left her mother's home in fear for her life after her mother attacked her in the night with a butcher knife. I was their first child. Neither was prepared for parenthood. My father was an alcoholic and my mother lived in her own darkness. Thank God, I was not physically abused, although my mother knew how to manipulate, demoralize and completely stamp out any self-esteem her children displayed. My father worked away from home most of the years I was growing up. When he was home he was very loving, when he was not drinking. I adored him, even though I knew when he left again that I would pay for the attention I paid to him. I learned to hide in books. As long as my chores were done and I was not doing something to catch my mother's attention I could escape into the worlds of books. I read all of the book on the Book Mobile over the course of about 5 years, including all the plays of Shakespeare the year I was in the 5th grade. But, when I was 8, I found a book that was different. I don't remember the girl's name, but this little heroine was a Christian and I so wanted what she had. In the back of he book there was a sinner's prayer and I prayed it with all the faith that a little girl can feel. It is a lot when your only friend is that Man Jesus. My only knowledge of church was the few times my mother took us to her church and my greatest memory of that was being pinched when I squirmed. When I was in 5th grade a nondenominational church started an outreach Sunday School in our school building. I attended there until we moved when I was a sophomore in High School. I was baptized the year before we moved. My life in Christ has been a rocky road to say the least. I am stubborn, independent and for many years had trouble relating to other people. I have fallen into sin, then returned to His arms several times. The last time, I finally learned where my life has to be. That is in the service of my Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ). There is no other name under heaven whereby a man (or woman) can be saved. I will never draw away from Him again. I praise His Holy Name!
    • May God bless you greatly Donna. (((HUGS)))
  • I have belonged to this group for quite sometime and never knew for sure what to say, except that I was brought up by good God Loving parents (although my Daddy didn't join the Church until later in his life). I was brought up believing in JESUS and that HE loves me so. But when my mother was expecting our littlest sister, she stopped going to Church and so did us kids. During that time, I was molested by an uncle by marriage, and even though I had been preached to by a mother who had also been molested as a child, that I was to tell her about it if anyone "bothered" me. I didn't tell her or anyone else until I was 26 years old because at that point I was positive that the man could never hurt me again. Although, he did hurt me, he hurt me by hardening my heart where it came to forgiveness. I didn't realize, even though I had joined the Church of Christ, and was baptized and even taught preschool Sunday school, that I hadn't truly given myself to the LORD because of that and also that I just wasn't spending the time with my FATHER that I should be. I had been baptized when I was 17, but that, I came to realize was for the wrong reasons. It was to please my future in-laws. When I realized that, I was baptized for the right reasons, and for a while I did all right with My LORD, but I backslid. I stopped going to church at one point due to a disagreement with our pastor and the feeling that because my son had long hair according to that pastor he was "no good trash". I finally began attending church once more when my Daddy began attending and was baptized. Him setting that one example made me recommit my life to the LORD. Until about 2000 I attended regularly unless health problems kept me away. At some point in 2000 my arthritis was diagnosed as rheumatoid and it was bad enough that I have not been able to sit through a sermon because I am unable to get up out of the pew when Church ended without assistance. I lost my mother in 2012, and I had not been in the church for about 2 years prior to her passing. I still have not been able to get to church because of the pain of sitting still for so long a period of time. I found Christians Like Me a little over a year ago now and it has essentially become my church and my Church family. I still find myself doing good and studying for a while and then letting it slide for a bit, but I am usually always here on a daily basis, touching bases and checking in with most of my groups. I have never posted here, at least that I can remember; # 1 because I'm ashamed to say I don't remember the day I was baptized and # 2 because I do run hot and cold at times (I'm ashamed to admit). Last evening, though I listened to a sermon by Pastor Chan here at the site. The one I saw was about the most important thing in being a "Good Christian" is that we LOVE our FATHER with ALL OUR HEARTS, MINDS AND SOULS. The works count, yes but not as much as the way we LOVE our FATHER ABOVE. This sermon finally got it through my thick skull that the important thing is the love in my heart for HIM. Yes, I try to do good and if you've seen any of my postings or re-postings on FB you will see that is where I do a lot of my testimony. I also am bi-polar and every chance I get (although I'm not supposed to) I try to bring GOD into the discussion during my group therapy sessions. The sermon of Pastor Chan was so uplifting to me last evening, I was finall able to get a good 8 hours or very close to it of sleep. The most sleep I've gotten since we learned of my mother's illness and approaching death. I have to admit here and now that even though I've gone through the motions of trying to be a good Christian, I have been angry at HIM for taking my best friend, next to my husband, from me. I have known all along that Mom IS where she always wanted to be and that's with JESUS and of course the love of her life, my daddy, and she isn't suffering like she did with the dreaded cancer that took her. I truly want to be with JESUS when the time comes and I intend to work harder at becoming closer and getting to know the FATHER better, I will continue to do things that I am able to do to help others as well, but most importantly I will begin to get re-acquainted with HIM. That is the way I am still thinking and feeling this morning. "This is the day the LORD has given us; let us rejoice and be glad in it". That's from Psalms, I'm sorry I knew where it was, but with the meds I am on my memory is about shot.

    That's my life story, or pretty much of it when it comes to my relationship with the LORD. I tend to feel childlike in my thoughts and feelings about Our LORD and I hope that I can keep that way of feeling.

    In Christian Love,
    sorry that I'm so wordy.
    • Terry, you are not wordy, you are precious!!
  • amen He makes way out of way Hallelujah 

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