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A place where members can give personal testimonies regarding experiences they have had with God. Testimonies of their Born-Again experience, their Baptism, ways that God has intervened in their lives, all are welcome.

Note: A separate group exists for distinct Miracles the Lord has done.


This group has Kathi Hole as it's leader.

38 Members
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Any member is really encouraged to tell us their Testimony! Like, How you met the Lord, When you were Baptized, Experiences you've had that were truly special with the Lord, anything you think others might like to learn about you, and about the Lord thru you!

Each person's Testimony should be written as a Discussion, and the comments on this page are for comments about the group.

When you read others Testimonies, be sure to leave them some feedback by either marking you like it, or writing up a comment under the Discussion about it.

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  • Do you or someone you know struggle with thoughts of suicide? Or maybe you are grieving the loss of someone who decided suicide was the only answer. Join me this week as I discuss suicide and how to cope with loss or thoughts of suicide. New video today! The book is Too Soon to Say Goodbye.
  • Can't wait to type, I got a lot of testimonies!
  • Does your child have an open or closed spirit? Do you want to understand how to raise motivated, obedient and loving children? Then I urge you to join me this week as I discuss a vital resource that everyone should have when raising children. The resource may also apply to adults as well.
    New video added today.
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  • As Silver Refined is about how we choose to handle disappointments. They can help us become what we had always hoped, or they can cause a downward spiral into depression. Join me this week as we discuss Kay Arthur’s powerful book.
  • Grief and times of trouble will hit us all. It’s how we handle it and come to recognize the reasons behind it, that are vital. Join me this week as I share a vital resource that helped me through the death of my mother and a miscarriage ten days apart.
  • We Need Courage! As we live in marriage, parenting and in relationships. How are you living in your marriage, parenting or as a person? Join me today as I help you understand that life is a battle and that we need to be courageous in the fight.
  • This week’s video is What Is My Purpose? Sometimes we don’t know what our purpose is, because we have lessons to learn, people that will make it happen that we haven’t met yet, or we are fulfilling a purpose now for a season until our real purpose is revealed. Which state of purpose are you in? Join me today as I reflect on my own journey towards purpose.
    • I just now figured out that you're posting your videos under the video's and then posting here. Purpose is so important for us as people. We need to know that we matter. We have each been created for good works, we have eternity to consider when we think about all of those around us and around the world. Whether you're like me and don't understand what specific purpose you have at the moment, take heart, there is plenty to be about in simply trying to fulfill the Great Commission. He'll reveal the rest as we go.
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