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I am Derek P. Blake and I want to welcome you to The Writer's Pen' the CLM home for people who love to express themselves through their writing

'The Writer's Pen' has been set up so that we have a safe place to publish our literary works, somewhere that our writings can be posted for a sensitive Christian audience. It's a place where we can seek advice, but never get unsolicited advice – we always need to ask first. It is open to all kinds of writing, on any subject, whatever you love to write about, as long as we bear in mind that this is a Christian site and your writings should be 'appropriate'.

Post your poems, or prose, short stories, or even a short book, articles extolling the greatness or mercy of God. Write up your spiritual encounters, or the latest miracle you have witnessed. However this is not the place for Blogs, Sermons or Bible Studies, there are already dedicated places on the site for those. Your offering does not need to be serious, we all love to have a laugh, so comic pieces are always welcome, or a good cry for that matter.

I have always loved to write, ever since I was in Junior Grade, where one of my favourite lessons was English, and I most often got good marks for what we called 'Composition'. As a student I never had problems writing up my papers, I had more problems editing them down to the required size than finding what to write about. Most of my working life I have had positions where I needed to write, one of the joys of my career. I also became the 'Editor' of several church magazines and over one period produced a free monthly Newspaper for the churches and Christians across our town (some ninety churches in all). Of late I have focused my writing on my websites, and publishing three books, as well as a sequel to one (to be published sometime this year). I call writing 'Word-smithing' and look at it as painting pictures with words.

We are all looking forward to reading your pieces, please feel free to post your work here.

In Him


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  • I want the spirit to move others toward creativity.
  • Welcome to the Writer's Pen Yaa, please feel free to post whatever you are led to post here. There are several sections of the group, as you can see from the Group Menu, which covers a wide range of writing. If you want to post something that does not fit in any heading, let me know and I will create a new section. Looking forward to your contribution.
  • Happy Poets Day 2018!!
  • Welcome to the group Nathan, it's always good to welcome new members here, especially ones who will share their pieces with us. I love to read the work of others as much as I love to write, We all look forward to reading whatever you are inspired to write.
  • Welcome to our newest member, Lynette, as you can see there are all sorts of writers and writing here. No matter why you write or what you write, we all love to read, and everything we read informs what we write. Experiences can be shared, emotions can be felt and ideas conveyed, all through assembling a few words. We await to learn more about you and read something from you.
  • My two favourite authors are Virginia Andrews and Karen Kingsbury. I am in love with Christian fiction and my dream is to write a book.
    • Have you started that book yet Anne? Turn your dream into a reality, all it takes is a first line of text, like any journey starts with the first step. There is no excuse not to write a book these days, there are plenty of self publishing organizations on the internet, there is Amazon, if you want to make some money, ot there are free book sites if you want people to read what you have written. I encourage you to make a start.
    • Anne, I just encourage you to keep going at it, having a couple of technical books published back in the seventies, I never seemed to find the time until I retired out to a Greek Island in 09. Then I started a novel, a fantasy fiction with a strong biblical end, which was published on a self-publish site and Amazon. It was not a best seller but more than six-thousand people read the book, which is the point, to get it read. That was followed up with a sequel in 2016, which has not done as well but the downloads are slowly climbing, about the period leading up to the rapture. These things take time, just pray for the inspiration.
  • The members of the Writer's Pen would like to welcome you Anne, I notice you work in journalism so it would be interesting to read some examples of your writing and maybe some helpful tips for the rest of us. Above all enjoy the group and have fun.
    • Thanks a lot. Unfortunately the articles that I write are in Afrikaans, my native language. However I do plan on writing in English as well. It's a privilege to join the group.
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