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On July 28th,, 2017 we went camping with my sister and her husband and during that day we also had our granddaughter and her 2 young sons with us.  The youngest  being too small to fish stayed in camp with me and the dog.

That first day, Friday,  Paw Paw took Eian across to the fishing pond with Aunt Kimberly and his Momma.  He had his little Spider-Man fishing rod and PawPaw baited the hook with a BIG Snake (so Eian claims) and within the first 15 minutes he had caught 2 little blue gill and was done for the day.         

The next afternoon PawPaw took our little fishie man and went back down to the to try his hand once again try his little Spider-man fishing pole and see how it worked for that day.  PawPaw loaded the hook with a snake and my little fishie man, Eian,  (with PawPaw's help) threw in the bait.  Not long after that here came another little blue gill and as Eian the "fishie man was reeling it in, a bass came flying up and grabbed the bluegill!!!!!  The little fishie man with his pal, PawPaw reeled both fish in and pictures were taken all around for the great day to be remembered. 

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