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I think my first piece of writing for an audience was way back in Junior School (kids eight to eleven) when at the age of nine years, I wrote a comic piece for our School magazine, it was printed, much to my delight, and was distributed to parents, ex pupils, governors, and others, some two-thousand copies, if I remember. But more importantly, it earned me three 'Gold Stars'. Sadly I lost my copy many years ago but below I attempt to reproduce it as accurately as possible, from memory.

The Escape

There once was a criminal who was locked up in Dartmoor Prison, this prisoner was determined to escape and devised a way to get out of jail. One night in his cell, he grabbed the bars and started shaking them with his bare hands. He shook the bars until his hands were sore. He took the sore [saw] and sawed through the bars, then there was a clap of thunder and some sheet lightening he took a sheet and tied it to the bed and climbed down. The sheet was too short and outside he found a dense blanket of fog, so he took the blanket and tied it to the sheet and got safely to the ground. He started to run away but got lost in the fog and he started shouting “Where am I, where am I?” as the time went by he shouted louder and louder, until he lost his voice, when he found it he was a little horse, so he jumped on the horse and rode off across the Moor. When he reached the town he was so happy he shouted,”I'm free, I'm free,” when a little lad on his way to school heard him, and said.

So what, I'm seven.”

Later he passed a cricket ground where a game was being played between the ambulance men and the police. A ball flew in his direction, which he caught, after being caught my the police, he was arrested and sent back to jail.

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