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We have had enough

We've seen evil in play

It's time we stand tough

to keep the devil at bay

This is what God calls us to do

Fight for His cause all the way through

The battle will be long, hard, and…

Lord, you hold me in your mercy;
though my faith is as ever changing
as the winds and tides.
But you are the Lord of all!
Command it
and they move no further,
for even the winds obey you
and even the tides

An unwritten poem
is as a beautiful maiden
laying dead 
on a sheet of paper;
a single drop of ink
falls into her veins,
coaxing the first feeble
pulse of her heart.

One more…

Hear me, O Lord!

my body thirsts for knowledge

of your love and wisdom.

Allow me to drink from your chalice,

and when I have been quenched

no evil could stain my lips

for they have been cleansed

with the…

I wrote this many years ago after a trip down home with my Mommy. Yes, I'm 62 years old and I still to this day call her "Mommy".  To me it is a form of endearment and oh…

The family I'm telling about is my maternal grandmother's family. I can remember her mother just a bit, and if my Grandmother knew I knew of how she came to marry my great grandpa Noble, Grandmother would roll over in her grave. I come from a long…
The picture is part of the view from our bedroom window, sometimes the sea mist obscures the view but at other times, when the morning sun hits this ancient castle, it inspires me so much. When I look at the structure I hear the strains of the song,…

As I retire into the night. I pray to the Lord to make things right, but as I close my eyes to sleep, the Lords power runs deep. Beyond my words, beyond my I rest knowing He will do what's best.

This is a poem more precious to me now than it used to be.  You see, my dear sweet little mamma wrote it about our family.  I'm not sure when she wrote it but we found it…

Can I have a garden

with flowers

with birds

with large steady oak trees

willow trees too?

A bench for me to sit,

to reflect, to pray?


can I have a garden

for You and for me?