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I wrote this many years ago after a trip down home with my Mommy. Yes, I'm 62 years old and I still to this day call her "Mommy".  To me it is a form of endearment and oh how I miss her so.

Oh Mommy Dear,

Please tell me more, 

of your grandma and grandpa,

and their sons and daughters!

Tell me please of the years of your youth,

the stories of picking berries so my dear Great Grandma

a pie she would bake,

for you and all of your cousins to enjoy.

And tell me Dear Mommy of times gone by,

of the war heroes in our family,

What pride I have in them,

They fought with honor and lived up to the Noble name.

Oh dear Mommy tell me true,

Of your youth 

and living through 

the great depression

Your family seemed to make it through,

living off of odd jobs Granddad took,

in order food in your belly to put.

Tell me of thefun times and how they went.

Oh Dear Mommy,

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sssssssssssssDaughter, sister, wife, mother, nanna and great nanna but most of all a believer in CHRIST JESUS

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  • Well this is another piece that invokes memories, how people can identify with these words. It brings back memories of being a child and going blackberry picking in the warm late summer days. Strangely it also reminds me of damp and cold autumn Sunday afternoons trudging around Square Copse looking for chestnuts that had fallen from the giant chestnut trees. When we got back home and after tea we roasted the chestnuts on our open fire until the popped open, they were delicious. So many memories, thank you for them Terry.
    • Thank you Brother Derek for your praises. I used to love to hear the stories Mommy would tell about her growing up years. I choose to remember the happy memories she shared with me but there were other memories that were heart breakingly sad. That was why my Mommy was like she was,very over-protective and extremely loving. I thank GOD every day for the family HE chose for me. OH, Brother Derek, is there a way I can print things that I write here so that I can take them in for my therapist to read?
    • Yes of course there is Terry.
      Firstly, there should be an option in your browser's menu to print, but that tends to print out everything on the discussion, not just the screen. The way I would recommend to print is to highlight the portion that you wish to print, then hold down the [ctrl] key and press the [C] key, that will copy the text to the 'clip board'. Then you can go into any word processor or even 'Note Pad' open a blank page and hold down the [ctrl] key again, whilst pressing the [V] key and that will paste your selection onto the
      page, so that you can print that out as a document.
      If that's not clear let me know.
    • By the way, if you do not have a Word Processing program/app I can recommend a very good one that can be down loaded for free.
    • Oh, thank you Brother Derek so very much. I have Microsoft Word as a word processor program. Is that good enough?
    • Hi Terry, MS Word is fine, however it does not preserve the formatting (you chosen font or colour) when you paste it over to another site. I use MS Word for general use, but if I want to make sure the font remains the same I use 'Open Office' which I love as it does some things better, it's free and you get the whole suite, spreadsheet, drawing, power-point, etc; and they are all compatible with Microsoft, as long as you select the file type (.doc etc). If you need any help just yell.
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