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Lately I thought about adding some poetry to my art and paintings but I do not care much for rhymes although I like some meter and proportion sort of like Walt Whitman.  Here are a few about a special friend of mine who passed on back in May.  The first is patterned after Song of Songs 2:14 and not finished, and the second is a longer one based on several ideas, and in 4 stanzas~~~~~~


"My dear friend in the cleft of the rock,

in the hiding places on the mountainside,

I miss your face,

I wish we could hear your voice,

for your voice is kind,

and your face is sweet and friendly.."

(NOTE: My friend Terry, like me was a traveler and would sometimes hike).

Oh My Terry-

"Oh my Precious lady---Now my soul is shaken, And what shall I say?  Father save me from this hurt, but life brought me to this hour.

I think dear Lord that some kind of  Glory can come of it?  --for Thee.


Precious Terry much loved soul of the rustic zone, full of travel and spunk, you have befriended many many varied folks,

and that includes me..


Beloved Terry your travels were many and your eyes have seen many vistas: Canyons grand, capital reef, stone arches, and mountains

galore, places far flung, and midvars to and fro, but your friendship was a gift from God and many have loved thee ..


Sentimental  lady, the world is less without your love for many, including the various beasts, but I know you have traveled to a higher

land, and wait for many: including me.."


by Steve Zomok

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  • For awhile I have had the desire to produce a book based on some of my blogs and postings from several sites. I have not decided on which things to choose. Just a few days ago I found a prayer that my late grandmother, Ruby, penned, in a photo album. I am seriously thinking about it all.
    • That would be a lovely memorial to your grandmother. As to choosing which of your blogs, etc. to use, I have found that when you pray about it the pieces seem to come together like a jigsaw puzzle, that form a picture or framework. The Spirit guides you, as I am sure you already realise, by just giving you a positive or negative feeling about each piece. My God bless you in your choice Steve.
  • I am very old-school in that to me poetry should rhyme, and generally, poetry leaves me a bit cold. The very few poems that I have penned have been given to me 'as is'. So I was surprised when this tugged at my heart. A lovely sentiment Steve.
    • This is the first time I posted poems online.
    • Steve the poems that I have posted here are my entire efforts in verse, the first one just came into my head, it took about five minutes to type it up. I looked at it just as if I had never seen it before. The same goes for the others, I honestly don't know where they came from other than the Spirit.
  • Just Beautiful!
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