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The picture is part of the view from our bedroom window, sometimes the sea mist obscures the view but at other times, when the morning sun hits this ancient castle, it inspires me so much. When I look at the structure I hear the strains of the song, ‘Strong Tower’ and inspired me to write the below piece of poetry.




When the morning light hits the top of the Brae,

The ancient stones glow pink in the morning sun,

And there begins another new day,

Full of trials, and smiles, some tribulation and some fun.


Upon the boulders laid up by a creative God,

Upon the high hill, way above the great ocean,

Looking our toward lands abroad,

Stands a castle, a tower in that ancient location.


The walls are strong and the walls are thick,

With windows small and great wooden doors,

It stands there the people to protect,

That took refuge upon its ancient floors.


I can imagine, in those times long gone bye,

When pirates stormed the rugged countryside,

And when those peoples gave out a cry

That strong tower always welcomed the inside,


Now those pirates gone, but Satan, like a lion roars,

Around the countryside looking for people to devour,

People again need those doors

They need the refuge of God’s strong tower.


I am reminded then, of Proverbs, eighteen-ten,

That the name of the Lord is a strong tower,

That the good run into it, and then,

They are saved.


We are safe in a strong tower just as we are in God,

He is an unmovable force, in which we can rely,

A spiritual armour,

So in these final days, Jesus shall be out battle-cry.


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