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This group was created to help keep the CLM community updated on all the new website features and functions. It's also a great place to leave feedback and give suggestions.


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  • Dear Brother Cary, I simply want to say Thank You for giving me this site where I can come, worship (in my own way), learn great and wonderful things from you and other Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I pray that it continues unhindered by oppression or anything else the world can throw at us here. Again, Thank You and Bless You, terry
  • Thanks Cary!  Nice addition!  Blessings, Kip...

  • I just added a new "Resources" page today that links to helpful Christian resources and websites.

    This page is located in the main navigation; at the top right-hand side of every website page.

    Feel free suggest any other handy Christian resources that you have found really useful and helpful in your walk with Christ.

  • My Brother and Good Friend (and Boss) Cary;

    My efforts here are a God-called-out work of Love; they fit my life (I can't do too much with my disabilities, but I can type and have managed to keep an internet connection going) very well, and whatever I do, I intend to do all I can, as long as I can, here. I really need to thank YOU also for trusting me and giving me this responsibility. Praise God, like most successful Ministries God is fully involved in, everyone benefits who is involved in it!

  • Wow, thank you so much Rolf! Words can't describe how thankful I am to have you here helping each day managing this site :)

  • I sure do like the "new look" and format of the site. Al we can do to draw new members, hold onto current members, and increase involvement is consistent, I believe, with the Lord's goals for His site here. Anything I can do to improve it further, or assist members with it, I'm all for!

  • I like the video :-)

    You are doing a wonderful job.God bless you. And thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting.I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.We appreciate this great site.

  • Check out the NEW CLM video! Please be sure to LIKE & SHARE it with all your Facebook family and friends!


  • Thank you so much for all the positive feedback - stay tuned there are more new additions coming soon!

  • I really like the new look.....great job!

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