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  • The photo of the little Indian girl is absolutely beautiful.I give to the Lakota Nation.My childrens grandfather has Chocktaw in his blood and while he was alive I wished I had learned more.

  • I just wanted to thank you for your fried invite and I love your wall.Very artistic

  • thanks for the add

  • Thanks Alan

  • I should have thought of that! ,,, pasteless pasting ,, thats funny!

  • You may have noticed your comment on  members angry obscene rant has disappeared; I deleted him (he's done this before) so everything attached to him went with him into the delete pile. He needs some help,  but He wasn't receptive to suggestions for change. You can join me in praying for him.

  • Welcome back Kotter! LOL

    How can you read anything on this page? Cool however, just hard to read comments.

  • Welcome back, Alan!

This reply was deleted.