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Dawn Blake and Annette McEndarfer are now friends
Oct 5
Annette McEndarfer commented on Dawn Blake’s status
"Hi Dawn, So good to come here and "see" you. Prayed much for you with understanding. I'm not on here very much at all but if you ever want to chat I'd be happy to do so."
Oct 5
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Gretchen, may I encourage you to dig into the Word, maybe you already are doing that. Concern yourself with what the Lord thinks for you instead of what others do."
Aug 14
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Such a hard thing. Hope she knows the Lord and is resting in Him and His plans. Praying right now."
Aug 14
Annette McEndarfer commented on Patrick Christian’s status
"Love that"
Aug 14
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Parenting
"I agree ... once a parent, always a parent. Context is so important don't you think? I'm a grandparent as well, got five of them, they sure are precious. I can understand reading things that you disagree with and no you didn't come across like he wa…"
Aug 3
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Parenting
"Raina, thanks for explaining. My experience has been very different from yours though I've purposed to only glean from others not make them my ANSWERS TO ALL. I think that helps me not take from others any what I would deem contrary teaching. We are…"
Aug 3
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Parenting
"I'm curioius Raina, why are you so opposed to those two resources? I think if one has a such a strong opinion on something they should have some information to back up said opinion. I agree with Kathi that you certainly have a right to your opinion…"
Aug 2
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on End Times Bible Prophecy
"I can't help but think of the teaching that the sheep know the Shepherd. Jesus is the good shepherd and His sheep will know HIM."
Jul 30
Annette McEndarfer replied to jade's discussion Graduate from God’s Grace?
"Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray is a great picture and call for us to continue on in the grace (and I would add mercy) that we were given at salvation. It IS God's grace that our sin comes to light and we can repent. It IS God's grace that He is sa…"
Jul 7
Annette McEndarfer commented on Simple servant's poll Do you believe that ABBA hears prayers when you are bonded in sin and not even attempting to be obedient??
"I do not believe He hears (hearing in the sense that He regards them, He certainly would be aware of them because He is all knowing) the prayers of those who are not His UNLESS the prayer is one of seeking Him as Pastor Rolf described so well. Psalm…"
Jul 2
Annette McEndarfer commented on Zomok, steve's photo
Jun 29
Annette McEndarfer commented on Vern Wall’s status
"smiling is good."
Jun 28
Annette McEndarfer replied to Amanda Shannon's discussion How should the church treat beggars and begging?
"YES!!!! "
Jun 27
Annette McEndarfer commented on terry stonebarger’s status
"peace is an amazing gift"
Jun 17
Annette McEndarfer and jade are now friends
Jun 13