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Banzai Bailey posted a video
Clarks Chapel Baptist Church of Caldwell, Incorporated was live.
Jul 28
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Jul 28
I am now a grandpa. It seems there are no qualifications to this position other than to have a child of your own.....this seems like a grievous over site. God have mercy on my grandchild. (and my son as I spoil his child rotten :) )
Clarks Chapel Baptist Church now has a FaceBook page which live casts and compiles our sermons here;
The Clarks Chapel Baptist Church Vimeo page has been discontinued. All remaining older sermons still remaining on this site can be viewed here;
Banzai Bailey posted photos
Jan 22
Hello again. I have come back recently because I have deleted all my other social media accounts. I did not like the direction that they were heading in the areas of morality and felt I should disconnect myself from them.
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Apr 12, 2016
Hey everyone! I really want to support but I don't spend much time on social networks. I have a Googe+ page because I had to get a google name anyway for my job, so I use it most of the time. If you'd like to contact me there it…