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  • Sister Debra; I suggest you join the Prayer Group and post prayer requests there. Of course, you can post them on the home page here, but we do have some organization here and it's best to go along with it. I will join you in praying for the family members you listed, that the Lord comes to visit them personally and help them see the light of Salvation.

  • "I went to church yesterday and my pastor preached on the importance of praying through, instead of short cheap prayers."

    Debra, I don't wish to contradict your pastor, but there is room for both short prayers and for our private personal time with the Father.  1 Thessalonians 5:17 (ESVUK) tells to: 

    "pray without ceasing,"

    Now imagine if we obeyed this instruction of the Apostle Paul, but only prayed in a way that you describe as a " lovefest with God", would we ever get anything done in our lives?  Sure it's great to have a time when we are so close to God, but if we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, how much closer can you be.  I love those times when we feel God there with us, especially during the times we praise Him and worship Him, but I like so send, what I call, 'Arrow Prayers'.  I can pray these when I'm driving or doing other things, when I have a decision to make, or when I want to say 'thank you'.  God hears every prayer Drbra, and He answers every prayer, but sometimes He says 'No' or 'Not yet', because what we pray must be within His plan for us and within His character.  So yes our time with God is important, but more important is that we pray all the time, talk to Him as a friend who walks with you. as He does through His Spirit.  Blessings. 

  • Please pray for my father, William R. Gaddy. He believes that he is unsaved and needs healing. Please pray for my children, Robert 30 years old, D. J. 24 years old and my daughter Renee 21 years old. My brothers are Richard Gaddy, Billy Gaddy, and Neil Gaddy, Neil is in prison and he really needs prayers desperately.

  • They are so very kind and gentle. Mr. Chambers always brings messages from God and preaches his heart out every Sunday.  He has a open Bible dialogue every Saturday at 1pm, where people call in with questions and he shows them where the answer is in the Bible.

  • I really love my pastor and his wife. Their names are Joseph Chambers and his wife Juanita and they have been married for over 50 years.

  • I went to church yesterday and my pastor preached on the importance of praying through, instead of short cheap prayers. Taking the time to have a lovefest with God. Telling Him how much you love Him and are grateful for all He has done and are doing. During the prayer The Lord God also sends His great Love to you as well.


  • Welcome to Christians Like Me Debra, it's great to meet and greet you.  When you look around this site you will find that there is so much to do and to get involved in: Bible studies, lots of blogs, and a whole bunch of interest groups.  The site is also a great place to make friends, and there are so many people who want to be friends with you support, and encourage you.  Have fun, every blessing.

  • Welcome to Christians Like Me! We come together here to share our Faith, support each other thru the ups and downs of life, teach and learn, and have a lot of fun doing it! I pray you find a home here! My whole family about has worked at Walmart over the years, they're a pretty decent employer.

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