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Gary W Cavendish posted a blog post
Many times I see the admonition, "Don't give up." The idea is that we should not stop trying to reach a goal, or accomplish a task, or to rescue a relationship, among many other things. There is a large measure of truth there, especially as it conce…
Apr 12
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Apr 12
There are people who hop and skip down the street, figuratively speaking, whistling a tune and greeting everyone they see. There are others who seem to be carrying the weight of at least half the world on their shoulders, reacting to those they mee…
Sweeping a floor is not always the same as cleaning it. Dirt settles into cracks, and may be caked onto the floor. It takes water and soap, or another cleaning agent, to make it really sparkle. The house of our minds is a lot like that. We can d…
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Apr 11