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  • Patriot Nurse link: Why Our Kids Are Becoming Killers? It's NOT What You THINK!

    It was not the people, but the USA government who did this to children. All children. The great commie lie, or lust another tool in the model day psy-ops playbook or a mistake when she says "we did this". A medical community was involved up to it's eyeballs in this too.

    Communists and such like minded people, like to hide there great lie, by surrounding it with truths. It was not the people but the government who did what she explains to children.

    By the USA government doing this to children. The US government gets to make this behavior, the new normal, or more of the new normal. To camouflage the US government worst behavior. Specifically US politicians worst behavior.

    The medical community was involved up to it's eyeballs in this to. Doing this to children. I found this out and informed the general public. Not one of them can forward and did this. Not one politician, nurse, doctor, police office, teacher. None. Drugging them up and such to, for money?

  • One more example. The local Tim Hortons by Walmart here in Yellowknife. I don't even like going there anymore. I had to go there basically several times in a relatively short period of time. Again it looks like people who are from India working there, and choosing to take my order several times. I would get at least sick feeling afterwards, and I believe I was also being overcharged. Maybe from that country that seperated from India. Looked like they were from India anyway to me.


  • A update to the post I made yesterday. Just realized something else religious in nature. I watched a movie about Gandi and Indian. He did not believe in there cast system and in having "untouchables." As protrayed in that movie about him. I have some personal dealings with a person from india. In a pseudo governemnt organiation called "computers for schools". Like desktop computer or laptop computers to give to poor people basically. The current person running this day to day operation is from India. He was a local taxi driver before that. Says he is a Electrical Engineer now. Maybe he is.

    He was friendly enough dealing with me. Until I refused his instructions years ago, to teach a class of adult how to use computers. As part of me getting Comptia A+ certification training there. Told him I have no interest, and that it is his job, to do basically (teach adults computers). He was never very friendly after that. Did his best to make me feel unwelcome and not wanted there. Did his best with his multicultural submanager also from India (looks like it). He had a bad attitude towards me to. A untouchable complaining and daring to speak back as far as I am concerned. Well the press show up after calling ahead I guess and then a white guy, was a local supervisor or whatever in the press story. Taxi driver was still in charge. Maybe he was for a while to. A supervisor that white guy. That taxi driver has lied to my face about me being allowed to be there, including by using age descrimination. He is older than I am.

    Several times when I was going to a local super market in a local mall. A man from India would be there sometimes, dressed in a business suit. I noticed eventually that he was always making nasty comments about poor homeless poeple. Basically saying in various way we should not be allowed in the mall. (How disgusting we are and such basicallly). I realized this eventually (he meant me to) and got mad at him. Affter he did it a time or two more. Me and him ballig back and forth. He got mad fast I guess for a "untouchable" to him, dared to speak back.I think I said that to or something similar.  Security, a black woman, came over and I told her basically. You are black and would you listen to him, without getting mad of him making comments about black people? He was doing the same thing about local "untouchables."

    Never even seen him again after that. More than a year ago, maybe two years or more. So judge for yourself. Something to think and have to worry about when you are poor "a untouchable" in Canada anyway.

    Dealing with the local staples, and some people working there from India, or they look like it. Bought a new laptop. It was not a new laptop. Got a extended warrenty for it. Tried to register at HP and it said at HP that basically. That it was in use already for basically 3 months (activated on something maybe then infected).

    Because of the sales tactics they used there at that staples at least against me. I did not trust them, and suspected they might have wanted to sell me a used in store demo laptop, or something. Especially by the way they were acting towards me. I did talk for about for a week or so. That I needed to get a new laptop. I looked at the cardboard it was in, this supposed new laptop. The seal sticked was on it still (tape), and the cardboard was not damaged in any way. Like the seal had been torn off. All these people got to do, is contact some factor employee maybe family or friends, and have them throw in these HP cardboard packaging, as padding for some cargo container. Will put out copy of receipt and such after I finished registering. Busy now and needed to get copy of receipt for HP to fix this sort of.

    Again not suitable to be in government or pseudo government organizations for various reasons. Like it is ok to take advantage of "untouchables". Who cares. Well when thay are like that.

    George Collins

    A Human Rights Activist


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