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  • Happy New Year and many Blessings to you and yours, my friend.  I miss seeing your comments these days, you've been missing too long!

  • Thanks for adding me as a friend.
  • Bro.Kip I checked on him earlier and he was resting.He said he was doing ok ...just sore.Thanks for asking about him and praying for him.



  • Thank you Kip.we work mainly with Hindu people and some of other various nationalities too. Need prayers most of all.  There is lot of darkness in this area, a lot of superstitions and cast systems to overcome.  One of the young men turned to CHRIST JESUS and his front teeth were knocked out when he was attacked by the Hindu men.  He lost a lot of weight as he could not eat and suffered for a long time and our Church took up a collection and a local dentist just made teeth for him and fixed him.  Praise to the LORD.  Where are you from?  I live in Kentucky and it is almost time for Derby around here.  I don't get into it and really can't wait until it is over. Still trying to navigate around this site/  I no longer get onto facebook.  If that is your picture of guitars, I think I used to talk to you on facebook occasionally before my computer bit the dust at that time. Beautiful guitars..

  • Thank you, Brother Kip, for all your work on this site to bring the Love of the Lord to everyone here!
  • Thank you and looking forward to meeting some good Christian friends!

  • you welcome anytime, and Amen!

  • Yes, I was surprised too that we had not "friended" each other yet :)

  • Dear brother 

    This is Pastor Jagan from North India I highly appreciate of your stay in this site would be great blessings to all Amen

  • thank you for the warm welcome Brother Kip. I found the site thanks to Anne who joined my yahoo group and then invited us here. I am so glad she did. I am looking forward to making new friends here. 

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