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Am I willing to lose ALL I have worked for, if it means standing up to do the right thing and show my love for Jesus and my loyalty to the One Who died for me? (Elisabeth George. From her book "A Woman who Reflects the Heart of Jesus")
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Apr 9
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Apr 8
Happy Sunday morning friends. Have a blessed Lord's day
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Today started out pretty good. I went to my P.T. appointment, planned on going to the dump, but took my Dad to pick up some prescriptions and a few groceries first. When we got back, we found out my Mom's companion dog had died. Mom is going to be…
  • Loreda Libby We may look into that. She's had a pretty hard day today not having her little Daffy with her. 
    Mar 29
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Mar 25
  • Loreda Libby Thank you. This is my oldest son Brett 2 years ago. He surprised me on Mother's day and came home for the summer. 
    Mar 26
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Mar 23
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