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Robert Hall posted a discussion
The most helpful truth I’ve learned about myself is that which concerns my “old man” and how busy it seems to maintain itself in everything. During the times I identify the old man’s activity it’s then I can determine how far back and how long it ha…
Robert Hall posted a discussion
The only way to be free from sin is to become dead to it, “For he that is dead is freed from sin” (Rom 6:7). What is involved being free from sin? Scripture, and the testimony of the believer’s walk, clearly show it doesn’t involve the eradication o…
Nov 21
Robert Hall posted a discussion
If we have genuinely received Christ, there will be that constant               desire to “do” the “pleasure” of God (Phl 2:13); and thankfully He takes us through all the trials we encounter and teaches us to wait on Him, by entrusting all to Him (…
Nov 12
Robert Hall posted a discussion
I believe there is a difference between God’s “will” and God’s “desire.” His desire is that angels keep “their first estate,” but His will is “everlasting fire” (Mat 25:41) when they “leave” it (Jude 1:6). Same for man, as He “desires all men to be…
Nov 6
Robert Hall posted a discussion
To “walk in the Spirit is to have the Lord Jesus as actual source of all that arises in us of thoughts and feelings. A man’s spirituality is measured by this. What freedom from sin and all besides to fellowship with the Father, and to serve Him! “Fo…
Oct 31
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Sanctification
"Concerning "sanctified," my purpose for the article was to show that it is irrelevant as reference to effecting (producing) salvation, because it is fully imputed at rebirth, same for holiness, righteousness, and justification (all of which only man…"
Oct 25
Robert Hall posted a discussion
It is when it is difficult that God is glorified the most in believers, when they, as much as lies within them at the time, patiently “endure hardness” by contemplating their eternal place in Christ until it passes over. Remember, the infirmities ar…
Oct 24
Robert Hall posted a discussion
What is lacking in the newly-reborn in Christ? In our possessions—nothing; but in our walk—much! In the outset of our faith we are given “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2Pe 1:3; Rom 8:32; 1Co 3:21), but during this babe-in-Christ st…
Oct 22
Robert Hall posted a discussion
One disadvantage in studying Scripture is the unknowingly over-paralleling the dispensations of God’s administrations concerning God’s people, Israel and God’s children, the Christians. Though much teaching within the prior Covenant typified and “sh…
Oct 18
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Oct 16
Robert Hall posted a discussion
Sanctification Many believers of late are of the notion that “sanctification” is a process involving the completion of one’s salvation, and that one cannot know for certain when, or even if one is or will be saved until this sanctification process i…
Oct 16
Robert Hall posted a discussion
In creation, two elements came into being concerning man’s makeup: body and spirit. In Christianity, the body of man will eventually be recreated, but the spirit of man is already recreated, which manifests the omnipotence of the Spirit of God as it…
Oct 9
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Vicarious Law-keeping?
"Just to summarize my opinion, Jesus’ perfect fulfillment of the Law was not to credit His righteousness in the Law to believers, but to manifest His qualification of being the perfect, spotless sacrifice for us, and to manifest that He is the only O…"
Oct 4
Robert Hall posted a discussion
Believers are not intended to walk within the Law for their righteousness, for it is only Christ and His work that brings one to rebirth and which imputes His righteousness! Surly there is nothing more hindering to Christian spiritual growth (but no…
Oct 2
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Treasured Trials
"Hi and appreciate your reply and comment! It's good know we can always rely on God to "work in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Phl 2:13).
God's blessings to your Family, and God be blessed!"
Sep 27
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Treasured Trials
"Though obedience holds no favor with God but pleases Him, disobedience evidences His absence!"
Sep 26