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Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion The Carnal Christian
"Hi Sister Ann, and thanks for your reply and comments! Yes, the more we learn, the more we see, like "deep calleth unto deep" I believe you made a significant point, that God teaches us in a way that we can continue to learn more fully concerning ou…"
Robert Hall posted a discussion
“For we have not an High Priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are” (Heb 4:15).Would not the “feeling” of the “infirmity” of being forsaken by His Father be the greatest among th…
Robert Hall posted a discussion
Upon encountering the title of this article one’s first thought might seem negative about it, but with all who become “born again” there is a period of growth that involves learning in the Word of God about the “old man,” which is the sin nature fir…
Robert Hall posted a discussion
Eternal life has to do with two elements: being in God; and in an incorruptible physical body, termed a “spiritual body” (1Co 15:44, e.g. Luk 24:39). Thus the “resurrection” has solely to do with a new physical body, which all who come into this lif…
Apr 13
Robert Hall posted a discussion
The perverseness of man is seen more plainly in Israel after they were in the land of Canaan than while going through the wilderness. This did not appear at first, where an instance of what the energy of faith is in one man can do. All the days of J…
Apr 11
Robert Hall posted a discussion
“As Scripture attests, there’s nothing people can do of themselves to effect salvation and must ask for it from God. This involves asking Him to give you faith in His Son and in all He has done to provide salvation. Before an attempt is made to decl…
Apr 5
Robert Hall posted a discussion
When New Testament Scripture uses the term “world” in reference to people (instead of this planet or this life) it is related to the majority of the earth’s population, which has always consisted of unbelievers! There has never been a time where the…
Apr 3
Robert Hall posted a discussion
For the last century or so it has become increasingly difficult to find an outward distinction between Law and Grace within contemporary Christendom, hence the hypocritical appearance of many who profess faith in the Lord Jesus. It’s my suspicion th…
Mar 28
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Ascended Affection
"Hi and thank you for your instructional reply! Concerning “sanctification,” I’ve never seen it used in Scripture in the sense of something progressing and I understand it to be similar to holiness, righteousness, justification, etc. which do not adm…"
Mar 25
Robert Hall posted a discussion
Being at the foot of the Cross of Christ in faith secures “eternal salvation” (Heb 5:9; 2Ti 2:10), and progressing onward from there secures a life of manifesting it. It is said that “saints are saved from something, for something.” From death in se…
Mar 20
Robert Hall posted a discussion
The more mindful we become of the Father and Son in heaven, the greater are the encouragements during the times of fellowship with other believers! We can exhort one another in knowing that the present position of those reborn cannot be any greater,…
Mar 12
Robert Hall posted a discussion
One must first be willing, before there can be doing, and depending upon one’s understanding and maturity there can be quite a time elapse between the two! Of all that God reveals in His Word concerning obedience, nothing is of greater significance…
Mar 6
Robert Hall posted a discussion
It is a wonderful thing (when understood) to see how by the Cross we pass out of our old relationship and standing in Adam (Jhn 5:24; 1Jo 3:14), with the penalties and consequences of sin which rested upon us as connected with the man who fell. Deat…
Mar 4
Robert Hall posted a discussion
It is a blessed fact that, wherever the Blood is relied on, God cannot see a single sin! He would have to deny the efficacy of the Blood if He did not pass over it (Exo 12:13). What protected Israel was not their seeing the Blood but God seeing it.…
Feb 27
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion The Rest of Faith
"Hi, appreciate your replies, and I'm checking through the site now more for replies and just found yours. Amen to yor comment, esp. concerning "continues to keep me," because many if not most professing faith think somehow it's keeping yourself. It'…"
Feb 27
Robert Hall posted a discussion
As it is seen from this writer’s article, our death with Christ was not physical like His, but our “death with Christ” (Rom 6:8; 2Tim 2:11) is a reality applied (imputed) in the believer upon the reception of faith in Him. This article points out th…
Feb 21