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  • Hello everyone!

       Very productive weekend! The meeting with the Church founders went well. Everyone expressed their desires for this whole process, and we successfuly limited expectations to a managable level.

       We haven't decided on a location yet, but it is still early and I trust in the spirit to guide us through.

       We did decide to open a go-fund-me account to help pay for the accociated costs, I'll link it here:

       So if you could help me spread the word it would be appreciated!

       Most importantly, please keep us in your prayers.

    I'll keep you all updated as the process evolves.

    Thank you,

       Rod, Pastor, Servant

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    Help us establish our church to serve the southern Maryland area through community outreach, fellowship, and good old fashioned hard work in the name…
  •    Alright everyone, first meeting with the founders tonight! 

       There is a lot to hammer out, and more people than I expected wanted to help.

       I get the feeling like there may be too many cooks that want to be in the kitchen, but I trust in the spirit. We are going to make some real progress in starting this church! 

       I'll keep you all updated as things progress.

       ...also, if anyone has experience in doing this, your insight would be greatly appreciated!

  • Greetings in the Lord's name Rod, welcome to Christians Like Me, good to have you with us. We are a group of Christians that fellowship together and share the good and the bad, joys and trials, of being a Christian. We have been blessed by God because we believe the literal sense of His divine word and we try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are God's people and CLM is God's site.. There are some great ways to get involved; in the BLOGS section, you will find a huge number of articles, here you can get a flavour of the site and add your own thoughts or blogs, should you so wish, or go into the FORUM where there are hundreds of live discussions open to you, discussion helps us learn. The GROUPS area contains many groups on a wide range of subjects, from hobbies to fun and to many more serious subjects. I look forward to reading more about you very soon. Hope you enjoy the site and have some fun with us; every blessing.

  • I am super excited to be here! I love connecting with people who have a strong sense of Faith in their life.

       I am starting up a church in southern Maryland, so I will update the progress as often as I can.

       Also, I would like to hear from everyone. What do you like , and not so much so, about your present church. It is always good to start with your best foot forward!

       Thanks! And may the Spirit watch over you all!

  • You are welcome Rod and thanks for adding me as your friend, it becoming interested as everyone who comes into this family looks unique and dedicated to God's work.

    More grace and God bless.

    WELCOME!! :

  • Hello, my Brother in Christ, Welcome to Christians Like Me, a web based community of committed Christians who come here to share their faith in Jesus Christ, support each other emotionally, Learn from each other, and have some fun! May I have you first review the top of the main Home page, where you will find a Newcomers Guide, which will help with navigating this large site. Next to that are some suggestions for getting involved here. Below that are some guidelines for using the site, and some simple rules to help us all get along here. Last, but not least, is a Paypal link where if you want to support the site, you can voluntarily and occasionally donate some money for it's server costs. Aside from these donations, the costs are completely covered by a very giving and generous webmaster, Cary Byrd. Lets help him out, if we can, here. I join all the other members here in praying you fit in well, and find a home here with all of us! And, remember, if you have a question or need anything, I'm here to help. Just send me a message! My Co-Administrator is Dr Derek Blake who's also always willing to help.

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