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  • Hi Russell!

    You can always find the most recent Bible Study, and all the past ones, by going to the Group (clic on Groups on  the task bar at top of page, and clic on Bible Study) and all the studies will be dated, and listed out chronologically for you. When Pastor Burris posts a new one, it gets posted to the main Home page, and also comes out in email, and a mass email mailing including the whole study. So, it should come to you in various ways, and be pretty easy to find, also. God Bless you, and fill you with the Holy Spirit, as Pastor Burris is, when you read the Bible Study. I'm sure you will get a lot out of it.

    In the future, when you have a question, it works out best for me if you send the question in a message to me. Thanks!

  • No problem Russell, you can join whatever you wish in your own time, and I am sure you will enjoy the very fine Bible Studies run by Pastor Michael Burris.  My doctorate (Ph.D) was awarded for my work on guidance systems for missiles and rockets, way back in the sixties seventies and eighties.  I had a crisis of conscience in eighty-two during the UK's short war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, when I sat in my office and watched as systems tat I had developed actually killing real people.  That came to an a head at the Sinking of General Belgrano which was sunk on the second of May by HMS Conqueror (Submarine) and over three hundred people lost their lives.  On that same day I resigned my post, as Theoretical Engineer and leader of the team that developed guidance systems.  There are some things that I have some pride in though, including two projects on the Concorde and some work for NASA during the design and development stages of the Space Shuttle, some modifications to Atlas and Saturn, and the environment suits used in the Apollo missions, which were developed by a UK company called, Normalair Ltd.

    I know what you mean about Facebook, I had an account for a short time because it was required by a Christian magazine that I was doing some writing for, but I hated it, it was an invasion of privacy and my inbox was flooded with e-mails from people I didn't know and had no interest in. so as soon as my contract came to an end I closed the account down.  I too was led here after I started to have serious doubts about another Christian site, in so much that they were not interested in serious discussion, just who had the most friends or silliness.

  • Thank you Dr. Blake for accepting me as a CSN friend I also appreciate this invitation to be a part of the musicians group but I must respectfully decline at this time cause all I have is Bible study on my mind for now, possibly in the future after I get more familiar with the site, but thanks for your consideration, if you  don't mind me  asking, what type of doctor are you? I am really looking forward to getting into CSB like I use to be with facebook but so much secularism was starting to get on my nerves and prayed to the Lord and ask for an alternative and he lead me here. Praise his name, Thank you again Dr. Blake and may God Bless and keep you till we communicate again.

  • Good day Russell, great to meet you and welcome you to Christians Like Me.  This site is full of lovely Christian people who all want to share their faith, encourage you and be friends.  We have some good groups operating here also, I notice you are a musician, so can I invite you to join the Christian Musicians Group, it's a group of people who love to praise God in song and music and can share their tips and advice.  Many blessings.

  • Hello Brother Russell! Welcome to Christians Like Me. We're a friendly group of committed Christians who come here to share our faith, support each other thru thick and thin, learn from each other, and have some fun! I suggest you join our Bible Study group led by Pastor Burris, it's really quite good and led by the Holy Spirit. There's other groups also you may find interesting. I pray you find a home here.

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