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  • Greetings in the name of Christ, Scott, and welcome to Christians Like Me, I pray that you will enjoy being a member of this site and that you will become an active member and join in to the many areas.  That's where the mentoring service comes in handy, if you feel you may benefit from it.  You will find some great blogs and discussions on the site and a whole bunch of interest groups that cater for most people, just explore the site and make friends.  Every blessing.

  • Welcome to the site Scott.  I hope it becomes a blessing to you..

  • Hello Brother Scott, and welcome to Christians Like Me, a web-based community of committed Christians who come here to share our Faith, pray for each other, support each other in all we do, and learn from each other. We have a mentoring program here. I am sending you some material on it. To get this material, go to your mailbox. Get there by clicking on the letter-shaped icon in the  upper right corner of the screen next to your name. It should have a red #1 next to it, saying there's a message there. Clic on the letter icon, then on the message title that comes up. In this message, I will describe the program and let you know who your Mentor will be. He or she will be of great value who will be very helpful to you fitting in here. I hope and pray you find a good home here, as all our members say. Make a lot of friends, get involved. Start with reading the letter about Mentoring here, finding out who your mentor is, and contact them.

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