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Tess Linton replied to Amanda Shannon's discussion How should the church treat beggars and begging?
"What's the one place we are all supposed to be able to go without fear of judgment when we need help? A church! If someone comes asking for food I'm going to feed them, it's not even a thought not to. As for what the church should go - feed them, bo…"
Mar 25
Tess Linton and Terry Stonebarger are now friends
Mar 25
Tess Linton commented on Larry Babb's poll Would you be more likely to attend a church service that followed traditional style worship ( Congregational singing and bible sermon), Or a new age type service with a group leading a praise service?
"My church does a mix of sermons, talks, hymns and upbeat songs - everything centres around teaching and praising, and it works for the wide age range. Every few weeks they do a more modern service with a band and interactive talks but everyone enjoy…"
Mar 24
Tess Linton left a comment on Friendship Clubs For Belivers who wants to make new friends
"Hello! Thank you for creating this group - nobody in my real life circle is Christian, so I'm looking to make new friends here."
Mar 24
Tess Linton left a comment on Non-American Members
"Hi all! I'm Tess, from England, looking to meet like minded people as nobody in my 'real life' circles is a Christian!"
Mar 24
God works in mysterious ways. Yesterday I read when you are having a baby day, feeling down or ill, instead of cheering yourself up, do things for others to help them or cheer them up - acts of kindness do wonders for the soul! Now today I woke up f…
Tess Linton commented on robin breedy's poll what does God think of racism ?
"God loves us all, so there would be no races, just people. As he loves everyone I would think he would hate any firm of persecution, bullying and harassment, including racism. I'd love to see a world where we celebrated each other, especially our di…"
Mar 24
Tess Linton and Noah Walsh are now friends
Mar 24
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Mar 20
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Mar 19