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  • Welcome to Christian Artists & Crafters group Hanna, we always love to see each others work pieces and we try to be open enough to critique each others work or appreciate skills.  It's is a great thing to be able to learn from each other also, or just chat about things that are of common interest.  We look forward to seeing some examples of your painting Hanna.  Bless you for joining, enjoy.

  • Welcome to CLM Hanna.  It is good to hear from folks from distant lands.

  • Greetings Hanna, it is good to be able to say hello and welcome you to Christians Like Me, this is a jolly fine web-site full of friendly and helpful people who support and encourage each other, whilst learning and having fun.  You may be interested in our GROUPS section where you will find groups of people with a common interest in many subjects,  Can I invite you to join our 'Christian Artists & Crafters' group, I noticed that you list your hobby as painting, which is something I love to do, so pop along and check us out and join in.  Every blessing.

  • Thank you so much for such nice welcome!
  • Welcome, Sister Hanna, to Christians Like Me, an active social website made up of committed Christians who come here to share our faith, support each other, learn  from each other, and have some fun! I Pray you find a home here!

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