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Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 6 is an important day for Americans. It's the Mid Term Elections.  The future of this country is at stake. By now, you probably know what issues are of concern and have done background research on the candidates. This is one e…
Nov 5
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Oct 26
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This world may change, churches may change, we may changebut God's word stays the same
Aug 3
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Jul 16
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"Wow, thank you for the background information about the Fence Laws and how this practice got started. I've always thought that taking the Lords name in vain meant when someone says, 'Oh my G-d,' or Good G'd or used for cussing and using Jesus's name…"
Jul 10
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Have you seen posts on Facebook or any other social media where the word 'God' is typed as 'G-d'? Do you wonder why is it typed that way? Is the person afriad to type in the full name because they might offend someone? Well, whatever reason I'm thin…
Jul 10
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as we celebrate our freedom in stars and stripes, we shall remember and celebrate the One who really set us free. 
Jul 3
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Jun 18
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Jun 17