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Michelle posted a status
May 29
No one seems to be here. 😕😔. Im guessing cos im on the other side of the world, and its night here, day in the usa. Im still lonely, even in a group. ☹😢. Its my own fault. . I should had realized.

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  • Hello Michelle, I am new as well, and seeking godly fellowship friendships. And yes I do hear your heart and can relate. Michelle, as you are probably aware we are the global body members of Christ (Jews and Gentiles alike from all cultures, nations and tongue in differ walks of life ) and yes we are a spiritual phileo loving royal family, although sometimes we do not display this kind of godly love and affection towards one another but when we are with other believers, we are doing what comes naturally and what we will do for eternity—being together in Jesus' presence. We make up the church family, and together we provide strength for one another through prayer, fellowship, and encouragement....yes edification. Michelle, the enemy forces are always at work around us, seeking to blow us off course. Sheer individual commitment is really not enough to keep us in line. We need one another ... we need the presence and accountability of other believers who love us and are willing to laugh, cry, and check on us. At times, when we feel as if our faith makes no difference—or we see no fruit in our lives, and we don’t think our testimonies make a difference—it does. Michelle, when we surrender our lives to Christ, He uses us in countless ways, ways we may never know. In the atmosphere, of coming together weather via face-to-face or via phone and internet when we worship, and fellowship together , we discover that we are not alone. We hear others talk about how the Lord has miraculously provided for them. One may describe the pain he has suffered as a result of a loss. A new believer may tell her/his story of redemption, rejoicing in God’s grace. As we listen to others recount God’s work in their lives, something happens inside of us. We are spurred on to faithfulness and to praising God for His goodness. So, if you are truly seeking godly fellowship towards spurring one another on towards spiritual growth, give me a text as well. Blessings Sister Erika R.
  • Michelle, welcome! This is an odd place in that regard. Loneliness is a hard thing. Feel free to message me and we can chat.
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