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Patrick Christian posted a status
Dec 1
Who am I?

My name means “Who is Like Yahweh?” in Hebrew. There were several people who shared the the name with me in the Old Testament. However, I was considered the most prominent, being a prophet and the son of Imlah.

I lived and prophesied during the rule of kings Ahab and Jehoshaphat. I was actually chosen to prophesy the outcome of a major battle involving Ahab. Ahab normally used 400 fake prophets as his royal counselors. However, Jehoshaphat requested my help in this particular battle. A messenger had pleaded with me to deliver the same prophecy the others had, which was a sunny outcome for Ahab. I did start out with that, but could not keep a straight face. It was more mocking than a real prophecy. Then, I delivered my real prophecy to the kings.

Ahab hated me because my prophecies had always spelled gloom and doom for him. You can't be an evil king and expect good things from God. And so, my prophecies were never about triumphs for Ahab. I told the truth.

Ahab had me imprisoned, then went out to battle. He did not return. King Ahab was killed in the fighting, just as I had predicted.

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  • Micaiah?
    • These are not supposed to be that easy. Haha! You got it!

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