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Patrick Christian posted a status
Nov 29
Who am I?

My name means, "God has gratified me" or "God is gracious" in Hebrew. My father's name was Heman. I was a prophet who was sent to rebuke Asa, king of Judah. God wanted me to rebuke Asa for entering into a league with Ben-Hadad, king of Syria, against the northern kingdom of Israel. I was imprisoned by Asa.

I had a son named Jehu, who had later rebuked Baasha, king of the northern kingdom and Jehoshaphat, king of the southern kingdom. I was a member of the priestly family of Immer who was mentioned in the book of Ezra. I had married a foreign woman.

My brother Nehemiah, who was a governor of Persian Judea at the time, was credited with rebuilding Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. As governor, he had appointed me to have charge of the city gates.

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