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Patrick Christian posted a status
Dec 2
Who am I?

I am the son of Jehoiada. My father was a high priest in the times of Ahaziah and Jehoash of Judah. According to Rabbinical literature, I was the son-in-law of the king at the time. I was known for being a very outspoken person in my days. I had even stood in the face of the king, himself. And as a priest, prophet, and judge, that was something a person never did. But he and his people were in dire need of straightening out in the eyes of the Lord.

As the story goes, when I was chief priest, I had strongly and boldly condemned the king (my father-in-law) and the people for their repeated rebellious transgressions against God. God was pleased that I was doing good by Him by obeying. However, I had upset the monarch, which had led to my own stoning and death. My persecutors had decided to perform the act of my stoning in the priest's courtyard of the Temple, on a Sabbath which was also the Day of Atonement.

Later, when the captain of Nebuchadnezzar's bodyguard came to destroy the Temple, my blood began to boil. The Assyrian asked the Jews what that phenomenon meant, but when they replied that it was the blood of sacrifices, he proved them wrong. The Jews then told him the truth, and the captain of Nevbuchadnezzar's bodyguard, wishing to appease my blood, slew in succession the Great and Small Sanhedrins, the young priests, and school-children, till the number of the dead was 940,000. Still the blood continued to boil, and the captain of Nebuchadnezzar's bodyguard cried out to me, "For thee have I slain the best of them; wouldst thou that I destroy them all?" And at these words the blood ceased to boil.

Aside from me being an upstanding, loyal servant of God, even in the face of death, something else good had come from my life. I was the father of a man who would later humbly baptize Jesus.

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