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Member Badges

Each member will be awarded a badge based on theirparticipation level. The badge will be shown on your profile pic throughout our community.

Here Are Four Exclusive Badges That You Can Earn:


Newcomer Badge - All new members will receive the "Newcomer" badge until they start becoming more active in the CLM community by: updating their profile, commenting on other posts, making friends new friends, creating a blog post, posting in the forum, liking other content, contributing to community, etc...


Regular Badge - Earn the "Regular" badge by digging your heels into our community and regularly posting on the activity feed, posting on the blog, getting involved in discussions, liking other members' content, etc...



Ambassador Badge - Earning the "Ambassador" badge takes hard work and dedication. In addition to all the activities a Regular badge member will perform the Ambassador member will show leadership by creating and leading groups, inviting all their friends and family to join the CLM family, becoming friends with others and helping others members. 


VIP Badge - The "VIP" badge is reserved for the most loyal members that are dedicated to not only helping others as a servant of Christ but also donating their time and talents to further our mission and help social network continue to grow. Pray about it and send Cary Byrd a private message if you feel you would like to volunteer and serve.